Mixed Media Sheep Paintings

Ewe and Me
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt .

animal paintings
Mixed Media Animal Art: Ewe and Me Against the World

When a painting sits too long in my studio it risks getting a makeover. That is what happened to these two sheep paintings. On their own they were nice pedestrian sheep paintings, but they had gone a year without a buyer and here I have piles of mixed media art materials nagging at me to do something. So I took them out of their frames and started layering patterns and butterflies in the grassy meadows to give the paintings additional visual interest.

“Ewe and Me Against the World” pictures a black and white ewe with her baby lamb on a green pasture. The mixed media original sheep painting will enhance nursery room decor and farm art is always adorable in a country kitchen. Butterflies and dragonflies dance around the bright green field. The sides are decorated with French country motif of red flowers on yellow. Better yet, you do not need to frame this farm art under glass!

animal art
Mixed Media Collage Art: Peaceful Pasture

In the next painting,
Peaceful Pasture, a very fat fluffy sheep shews the grass in a meadow. Again butterflies flit around her. Both paintings are 8×10″ on .75″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas and the sides are again decorated in a French Country motif with red flowers on yellow.

I am not the only artist inspired by sheep– check out all the handcrafted goodness on etsy!

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