SEO advice for your etsy shop

Online Video ecourse on Keywords and Tagging
by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Do you understand how to pick the best keyword phrase to get found in etsy relevancy search and on google? In four short, easy to understand videos I will walk you through three real etsy shops explaining how to research keyword phrases to use in your titles and tags that will work to bring you sales. You are not going to find a better video series on SEO (search engine optimization) to explain to you EXACTLY how to pick the best keywords and tags for your etsy items anywhere.

I will show you how you can tap into this free google resource yourself to unleash the most powerful keywords to tag your shop. This is a really great deal for getting more sales that you can put to work right now.

How To Improve your etsy business

In addition, you will get a fifth bonus video that teaches you how I use etsy’s promotional emails to align my items with what’s trending int the marketplace and drive even more traffic to my shop.

All of this advice is useful not just for your etsy shop, but for any online venue that needs better search engine optimization. SEO services can be expensive, but you can learn how to do it yourself.

As a professional artist with an active website, blog, facebook page and hundreds of sales behind me ( on etsy as well as ebay, and other venues) I am constantly emailed by emerging artists who want me to critique their art, their shop and help them. Finally, I am starting to share my secrets with you.

What to expect after purchase:
You will be invited to my online site can check that out now for free) I approve every member personally before joining to prevent spammers. Once you purchase the class I will then grant you access to the private group that hosts the online class. You will be able to view these videos from any mobile device including ipads. you also will have unlimited access to this course for one year and I am able to answer your questions right in a private forum.

Tags can be beautiful when they the handcrafted kind! Look what I discovered on etsy!

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  1. I love your work Miriam! And I'm shouting out your SEO class to my facebook friends. SEO is such a mystery to me but it is so important to be found in the searches! Thank you!


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