DIY Cheap Home Decor for the LIving Room {6 ideas}

Highlighting Ways to Update Your Home on a Budget

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Perhaps the fastest way to update your living room is with a large piece of artwork! If you are looking to sell your home, then you can take this home update with you wherever you go! peacock painting by Miriam Schulman available for sale on etsy.

The Living Room
Whether it’s a formal living room or a family room that you spend every night in, it’s important that you look at your living room with fresh eyes when it comes time to update. Adding a fresh coat of paint, artwork and some new curtains will update the look of the room without requiring a huge financial investment. Read through these 6 ideas for more inexpensive updates you can do on a budget.

Thanks to all the wonderful bloggers for these cheap home decor ideas for your living room!

  1. 7 cheap Home Accessories to Decorate Your Home By adding inexpensive accessories you can change the entire look of a room.
  2. Update Your House on a Budget without Remodeling Check thrift stores for different accessories and consider adding some new curtains to freshen the look.
  3. DIY: 10 Budget Friendly Tips to Update Your Home Watch this video to learn some inexpensive tips to update your home.
  4. 3 Simple Ways to Update Your Home without Breaking the Bank Add some flowers and plants to your home to help it feel alive and fresh.
  5. How to Improve Your Home Interior on a Budget? Buy slip covers for your furniture to change the color scheme and freshen up the look of a worn out chair or sofa.
  6. ART, ART, ART whether it is a 24×30″ print on canvas (SchulmanArt has got them now!!) or a unique original painting on canvas-– art is an affordable, portable way to update your home decor and you can take the decor with you wherever you go!

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