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Teacher by day, artist by night!
Interview with Brigid Ryan by Miriam Schulman @schulmanArt


Vintage Art Bottle for sale on etsy

SchulmanArt: Tell us about yourself!
Brigid Ryan: I was born in Evanston, Illinois and moved to California at the age of five. I come from a big family and was influenced by all the talents of my siblings. Whatever they were into, I wanted to try too. I think that played a big part in my creativity because I was exposed to many different things. My mother definitely influenced my creativity. She is also very creative and loves antiques. I think that rubbed off on me. She has always been supportive of me and keeps an eye out for some great finds when antiquing.

SchulmanArt: Fantastic! How do you incorporate creativity into your life now?
Brigid Ryan:  I am a SPED teacher by day and an artist by night.  I love creating things and sharing them with those around me! I am so glad I found Etsy! I have been selling on Etsy for a couple of years but also sell in a local shop. I am still trying to find the right place to share my items with people. I could spend hours roaming the pages of creativity. I love working with different medias. I am currently obsessed with making these vintage picture bottles with special name labels. I love creating custom pieces too.


SchulmanArt: What do you create?  
Brigid Ryan :I love working with vintage pieces; old photos and jewelry. I love the idea that the old photos are of real people and they get a second chance to be enjoyed.

 My most popular items are my “Wedding” bottles and my “Best Friend” bottles. People seem to drawn to those bottles because they have someone special in mind to share it with. I do love creating bottles for the next holiday so right now I am working on Halloween bottles.

SchulmanArt: How do you get inspired?
Brigid Ryan: I NEED to create. I feel it in my bones. It is my creative outlet in life. I get inspired when I go antiquing or to flea markets and come across an unusual item.  I have a big desk that I work on in my room. I have all my supplies located around the desk to make them easy to grab while working. The wall in front of my desk is covered with pictures and decorations that make me smile and inspire me.

Special Ed teacher Gets Creative!

Brigid Ryan: I think people should do something creative everyday…for the ones you love…for yourself…for the world! Everyone has their outlet…something that makes them happy…go out there and find it. My advice is try it all! Try an art class, painting class, learn to throw clay, take a glass blowing class…why not? We only live once!

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