Summer Mischief

summer isn’t over yet!
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

Here I am in my favorite sandals on my front porch

Although my kids are done with camp and the start of a new school year is just around the corner, I know we still have about 5 weeks left of summer. I plan on making the most out of every last day. For me, that means wearing sandals everyday because I am so happy I don’t have to slosh around in winter boots. I also love eating on my front porch watching my cat chase bugs and taunt the neighborhood dogs. Summer slips by so fast and thank goodness my family goes to the beach every year. I am really looking forward to family time with them without the stress and distractions of work and homework.

In the warm months, my cat loves the windowsill in my studio


beach totes
Grab your tote and head for the Beach (beach tote by Schulman)

I also have made some virtual trips to the beach with my watercolor paintings. One of the art classes I offered on The Inspiration Place this summer is Summerscapes. If you have been looking for some new inspiration and haven’t joined our Summerscapes class yet, now is a great time to get out your art supplies and learn a few new techniques to capture your favorite summer landscape painting. Check out the trailer video I made to show you all the fun you are going to have learning to paint beach scenes in watercolor (from me) and a country landscape painting by Blenda Tyvoll in mixed media. There are ten videos included in this ecourse making it a great value! In addition, you learn the secrets behind Jan Schmuckal’s oil painting. You won’t be disappointed by all the artistic goodness she packs into this ecourse when she also heads for the beach.

beach paintings, watercolor
This baby knows that just playing with warm wet sand is fun! (framed tile by SchulmanArt)

If you are not already a member of the Inspiration Place come over and create a free profile. You will have to wait for me to approve your membership to the site. This is how I keep unwanted spammers off our nice artsy community. However, once you join you no longer have to wait for me to approve your membership to a group class. You will get immediate access to a course as soon as you sign up and pay for your access.

Here I am in my studio!! ( a little selfy…) I am “schulmanArt” on twitter, facebook, and everywhere else.. just google SchulmanArt !

What do you love most about summer and what must you do before summer is over?

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