Decorating Tips for Hanging Artwork


Do you know the 3 most important rules for hanging art?

One of the most common questions I get from my collectors is how high to hang art and how far apart to hang groups of pictures. Here are the answers straight from the pros for the best tips for decorating with artwork.

hanging art decorating tip 


I always tell my clients to hang art at eye level– this height may vary across cultures but in general you should aim to hang the center of the painting approximately 63″ from the floor.


decorating tips for hanging art

2) How FAR apart should you hang a group of pictures?

Art should be hung approximately 2-2½” BETWEEN pictures to utilize wall space. What I like about hanging a group of pictures rather than a single statement piece is you can spread the pictures out wider to accommodate a wider sofa. You also want to leave about 9″ from the tops of sofas and chairs so no one hits their head on your beautiful artwork. Check out my painting triptychs!


decorating tips 3) Can’t I just hang a mirror over the sofa? 

Although there are places like the foyer where you want to have a mirror to check your appearance coming and going, using a mirror instead of art is a wasted opportunity.

There is no personality in a mirror.

If you want your home to reflect you that hang a painting that you love over the sofa or above a mantel and save the vanity for the bathroom. Interior decorator Carey Maloney also points out that hanging mirrors between windows is a bad ideas as it distracts from the view.

triptych, contemporary wall art
Spread a series of paintings across a whole wall to accommodate a large sofa

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