Food and Street Art in Lisbon, Portugal

Explore Lisbon’s Beautiful Food and Art
by Stefanie Hindmarch, guest blogger
all photos courtesy of Stefanie Hindmarch unless otherwise indicated

Planning a trip to Europe? Make sure Lisbon is on your itinerary! There are some delicious foods to try and some cool street art to check out in this Portuguese city.

Lisbon is pretty well known for its fantastic coffee shops. Walking around the city, you will often see several tiny shops on one city block. Be aware though: if ordering a coffee in one of these places, you will receive what you might recognize as espresso. If strong coffee is not your favorite, try adding a package of sugar, and you’ll still be able to enjoy one of Lisbon’s best drinks.
While you’re stopping for some coffee, try some of Portugal’s well-known pastries. Usually the recipes for the tempting pastries you will see in a coffee shop window will originate from different cities all over Portugal.
Get the recipe for Portuguese Chorizo Bread from
Chorizo Bread and Caldo Verde
Stopping for chorizo bread is a popular occurance for young people after a night out. Some of the places are open into the early hours of the morning, just to cater to this group of customers. Fresh out of the oven, this bread is warm with bits of chorizo sausage baked inside.
Caldo Verde, a traditional Portuguese cabbage soup, is considered a national dish, and it is not difficult to find a place that serves it.

Street Art

Street art is another one of Lisbon’s attractions. All over the city you can see bright works of art painted on walls, streetcars, and garbage cans. Some of these paintings highlight a political issue, while others are just fun pieces that brighten up your day.


Street art made of tiles
Tiles cover this Lisbon street
Portugal is well-known for its beautiful tiles. In Lisbon, the sidewalks are almost all covered in white tiles that make the city even brighter. With its colorful buildings and pretty white tile, this city glows all year round.
Stefanie Hindmarch is an intern at SchulmanArt and is currently studying Management at the University of St Andrews

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