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Interview with Humorous Cartoonist  Mel @BEAN_LAND
by @schulmanArt

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Artist Mel Beanland gets inspired by life, laughter, fun, films, music, and friends. His work has a sense of humor and whimsy with a clear influence from pop culture. Beanland makes his home in New York
SchulmanArt: Where do you find your influences?
Mel Beanland I am from all over the place but I feel as an artist I now live and exist on the internet as all my influences and passions come from modern media forms; film, TV, music etc.
SchulmanArt: How long have you been selling professionally on the internet?
Mel Beanland:  I’ve always loved drawing and making collages and started to create icons for people on myspace back in the day just using Paint and it all kind of developed from there and I started to create posters etc that people seemed to like also.
Harry Potter Poster
SchulmanArt: How did you train to become an artist?
Beanland: I didn’t study art! I’ve just done it all my life.

SchulmanArt: Tell us about your process
Mel Beanland: For a mixed media poster, I start off in pencil, then sharpie, then I scan in and colour using photoshop. 
SchulmanArt: What has been popular with your collectors?
Beanland: The “word art” and collages are a bit different and are all different but I like making both equally. The poetry collages sell well all year round and near big holidays the film and music ones do too, I suspect as they make perfect and affordable gifts.
Studio of artist Mel Beanland, connect with him on facebook
SchulmanArt: Describe a typical day for you.  
Beanland: Up, stress, work, home, relax, cup of tea, do some art, watch tv, bed.
SchulmanArt: What is your studio space like? It is a bit of a mess, lots of papers and pens everywhere. and a scanner. The window looks out into my back yard where currently I can see my cat going to the toilet in neighbor’s flowers.

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