How to create your own font

How to create your font is simple and easy

Since I run my own business I get to do all kinds of things like my designing my own graphics. The other day, while spending waaay too much time trying to create a fancy font by hand and editing it in photoshop to advertise a new online art class I am planning, I decided I would spend some time investigating how to create my own font. There are several very expensive programs out there plus a free but very complicated program and then I stumbled upon a simple and free method for converting your own handwriting (or any other crazy font you want) for free.

Use for free

Step One. Go to
Step Two. Print out the template. Use a medium black felt tip pen to write each letter. I used a fine tip sharpie, which may have been too fine, but seemed to work okay.
Step Three. Scan in your page. I just used the defaults, but you should use 300dpi and grayscale.
Step Four. Upload the scanned template and save to your file system. I have a PC and used the settings for “True Type Font” which worked fine. Once you save the font to your computer, you will be able to use it in Microsoft word, Photoshop or any other program on your computer.

I chose to just use my regular own print, but you can also create bubble letters and more. This program also works on a MAC.

Big shout out to Ciara for putting her tutorial on youTube!

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Do you want to turn your own handwriting into a font? what would you do?

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  1. Thank you so much! Found you thru Pinterest and have been wanting to do this! Thank you for your post! As an artist, I appreciate how awesome it is too see where my efforts draw traffic!-Tracy


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