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List what you should be proud of….

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Art Journal Prompt: List the things that make you proud!

Sunday is quickly becoming the day where I get to do a little soul searching through my list making. You can read how I got started doing that in this blog post. The art journal prompts are from List Yourself, by Ilene Segalove, and sometimes I follow along with Moorea Seal’s list making project.

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This week, the prompt is “List the Things you should be Proud of” Not wanting to end my sentence with a preposition, I tweeked this to List the things that make you proud! Looking at my list you can see that I am very proud of my family, especially since I grew up in a very dysfunctional household. My father dies when I was five, and as a result my sister and I had to move and change schools many times due to that. I share that with you now, but also want to emphasize that I rarely dwell on that aspect of my past. My kids have never had to move or change schools and therefore I can focus on nurturing their strengths and creativity. I have a stable marriage and a husband who love me and treats me well. As a result, I am able to thrive and work on creating my business as an artist. I love that I make art goals for myself and always reach the most important ones. I am proud of the environment I create for my art students that is full of a supportive community that inspires them to create.

I also recognize that I am proud that I take care of my body by not abusing it and seeking exercise. I am proud that I like to read literature and have found friends who do too so we can talk about ideas. I also am proud that I reached a place in my life where I don;t get embarrassed (easily) and that makes me brave to try to reach my goals…and share all these things with you.

You can download the free art journal page I provided or make your own. I would love to hear a few things that make you proud!

What are the things that make you proud?

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