Make a Gratitude List

A page from my art journal…

I am grateful for so many things but first I want to say that I am so grateful that we live in the communication age so that I can get great ideas and share my thoughts on a blog. My whole business of being an artist would not be possible, at least not the way that I do it, without a computer and all the comforts of modern living. So for all those things, I am grateful. I am grateful for my artistic talents and that I have art collectors who love my art, art students who appreciate my teaching style and blog readers like you! ( thanks for those who leave comments, I eat them up I love them so! –except for the spammers who want to leave links to their bedding and work from home plans, those I am less grateful for… I always delete them, so why do you still bother? no one wants your fake designer handbags. no one.)

I am grateful, of course, for the health of my children… that I was lucky enough to have children and then so blessed with their passionate personalities that give me such pleasure everyday! I am fortunate and grateful that I fell in love and stayed in love…I am lucky that I still have my mother, and that she is also interesting to talk to…

Print this out and use as your own journal page!

I am grateful I live in a roomy and comfortable home that I can decorate (modestly) how I wish. I am grateful I have been to Europe and live next to one of the art capitals of the world so all the art I ever want to see makes its way through my neighborhood.

I am grateful that my allergies have backed off enough that I can have a cat. Yes, I am grateful to have a cat, and I don’t care who thinks I am a crazy cat lady for saying so… at least I mentioned my husband and kids before I brought up the cat.

Will you share your gratitude lists with me?


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