Discover how 10 Celebrities Rock the Artist Wardobe Staple

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Well, hello. So today is fashion Friday where this artist who wears nothing but overalls (because that is what real artists wear) takes a stab at showing you what I have been noticing trending lately. Can you guess? Yep, overalls. Yes, I know I recently did a style post on trend spotting but that was stripes with overalls. That post ( which you can read HERE) features fashion bloggers all sporting the stripes with denim overalls look.

In this blog post I feature ten celebrities all stepping out in overalls.

Princess Diana in overalls
Princess Diana doesn’t count for one of the ten celebrities…

Honestly, I can literally hear my grandfather groaning in his grave. I remember him chastising my sister in high school for her “farmer in the dell” outfit the last time overalls were in fashion.. To date myself, that was sometime in the eighties. and yes I have unearthed a pic of Princess Diana just to prove how fashionable they once were.

Now overalls are back.

Why we love overalls

I absolutely love them because I abhorred the low waist jeans style of recent years which meant I could not sit down in public. Moreover, with overalls, there is no muffin top. The shirt stays neatly tucked in.

Ten (recent!) Celebrities Spotted in Overalls

Here are ten glamorous ladies sporting the look which can be styled from sexy to tailored from sophisticated to casual.

Keira Knightly overalls
Keira Knightly with a striped shirt and converse and a little quilted Chanel bag.
diane Kruger overalls
Diane Kruger out and about pairing overalls with Chanel ballet flats, reportedly buying cat food.


Elisabeth Moss overalls
Elisabeth Moss, the star of Mad Men, wearing overalls and little else on the cover of New York magazine.
Sarah Jessica Parker overalls
Sarah Jessica Parker wore this get up, not to buy cat food, but for a television appearance on the Ellen show. Her tight fitting dark washed denim paired with a flowing blouse amps up the style and the androgynous look is right at home for the venue.
Emma Watson overalls
Emma Watson’s black pair ( I think I want them) looks neat and polished with a tailored white shirt.
Selena Gomez overalls
Selena Gomez makes the trend sexy with a bandeaux top. Also notice her large white leather bag shown with a few celebs in this blog post
January Jones overalls
Who is this? Oh, yeah January Jones. Just thought I’d throw this one in there. nothing really remarkable about the outfit. Perhaps she is just buying cat food.
Olivia Palermo overalls
Olivia Palermo gets my vote for the most stylish overall look. She pairs her black overalls with a sheer black top and gold jewelry….and yes, a large white handbag.
Alessandra Ambrosio overalls
Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio in a distressed style with a white tank top and a white bag. The sneakers have a cheetah print.

Heidi Klum overalls
If Heidi Klum, former model and executive producer and star of Project Runway, can go out in overalls and a t-shirt without the thrills than so can I. No Chanel necessary…just a pair of running shoes… and what I think is a canvas tote.
This is my favorite artist work uniform. I wore it to shoot one of my online art classes on Watercolor Secrets for Painting Portraits. (No, I don’t count as one of the ten celebrities either!)


Which look do you like the best?

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