Art Journal Prompt: Who is important to you?

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Art Journal Prompt:

List who is important to you

For this art journal page, I started with the idea of listing people in my life who are important to me.

Art journal ideas | art journaling examples | Art journal page | art journal inspiration | Discover more art journal techniques at
I used a scrapbook border under my title and 
sharpie paint pens to fill in the words.



How I arranged the page

Since I didn’t want to rank them, I decided to write their names in a circle. I did keep my immediate family in the inner circle, and friends on the periphery. I also cropped the photo of the page so you can;t see the bottom. So if you think your name is missing from my “important” list, let’s just assume you are on the cut off part of the page.


Art journal techniques | Discover more art journal techniques at
I used a White Faber-Castell brush pen to add a 
translucent layer to make the text stand out.

Techniques Used


    •  I used old telephone books to use as layers in the collage, and was sure to rip out pages with my maiden name, my mother’s maiden name and my married name. I love the way all the text looks peeking through.
    • The page is also layered with gelli prints, and paint.
    • For the words, I first outline in a uni-ball pen
    • These words are filled in with sharpie paint pens
    • For the title, I left the words the color of the background and shaded around the letters with a white Faber Castell pen. ( you can find in Michael’s)
    • I used a scrapbook border under the title.
    • After all the letters are filled in, I go back again to re-outline the words.
    • When I was “finished” I didn’t like the way the pastel colors worked with the background, so I changed them all to red. Do you think that was the right idea?
    • For an art journal supplies shopping guide click here


    Art journal page | journal inspiration |
    Peek at the final journal page… I decided to turn the writing to red.

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    1. Great idea. I know exactly who would be in my inner circle. It's nice to reflect on them, thank you for turning my mind in their direction.


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