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I have been a little quiet on the blogging front and for good reasons. I have been busy designing and creating a free inspirational art journal class for all Inspiration Place members!

As usual, I always spend the most time on creative ventures that I am not getting paid for… (why is that?) So far, nearly 100 art lovers from all around the world with every level of experience from complete novice to the very advanced have signed up.(and are loving it!)

Is this art journal class for you?

Do you like to journal but get stuck for ideas?

Are you curious about the best supplies?

Would you like to learn some art techniques that don’t require a lot of drawing to create beautiful journal spreads?

Have you always wondered about art journaling but didn’t know how to get started?

Why I made this class

Not so long ago I felt the same way you did… so I created this class for folks like you who felt the same way as I did. This class is my gift to you just for becoming an Inspiration Place member. (membership at the Inspiration Place is also free, there is no purchase required to take advantage of this free class)

A beautiful classroom that is easy to navigate. 
Once you are in the virtual classroom you can
click on each label to be taken to that section 
of the class.

What this class includes:

With this class you get a downloadable ebook filled with 65 pages of ideas, inspirations, techniques and tales of my own personal stories to give you plenty of ideas for how to fill your own art journal on the go. You also get links to my favorite supplies, and a private discussion group to share your art ( if you wish) You will also get a supplies video where I show you how I use some of my favorites and also free background pages for your private art journal use.


Here is a little peek at one lesson.. Do you know which white pens are transparent and which ones are opaque? In this lesson, I will reveal the differences.
Each lesson includes a video and a tips section for how you can get and stayed inspired.
Discover what different black pens 
look like in a side by side comparison
just click HERE to join the inspiration place and become a member of this new free art class! ( no purchase required.)


How to join the Inspiration Place

Membership here is also free, but you must take the time to fill out a profile so I can confirm you are not a spammer. Please let me know how you heard about this place and your art background. This helps me keep the price down if I know how to most effectively promote my courses and also develop classes that will most interest you. Your suggestions for new classes are always welcome.


So, how many of you have signed up for this class and what do you think of it?


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  1. Greetings Miriam, This is a very generous and inspiring gift. I am a Zentangler and watercolorist. I've tried journaling, but get stuck and then go back to my familiar art endeavors. You have totally piqued my curiosity and I will make a more wholehearted go of it, with your great offering. I heard about your site from a fellow FB artist and friend Sandra Strait. Her blog is http://lifeimitatesdoodles.com. She is also a very generous and funny soul. Pay her a visit and prepare yourself for her knowledge and talents. Best to you.

  2. Hi Miriam, I came over from Facebook. I love your site, and the idea of an art journal. So many times an idea will pop in my head, and I have often wished that I would keep them together somewhere, so this is great!

  3. I am not very artistic myself, but this looks like a great idea. An art journal could be fun to have. And the class sounds great.


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