Art Journal Ideas for Summer

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Looking for a new art journal idea? You know how much I love lists… takes the work out of writing for me…What is journal writing after all but an organized list of ideas developed into paragraphs? For this list idea, I decided to focus on the traditions of summer. What are your summer traditions?

Preparing the page

Before I left for vacation I spent a lot of time preparing the page. In fact, when I add up all the hours that went into this journal spread…it is a little embarrassing. However, I am not sure if this is any more of less productive than working on any of my other hobbies such as knitting which takes me hours to make a simple vest which I could easily buy in a store. Remember, we art journal for ourselves…that is the whole point. 

art journal pages | art journal ideas | art journal techniques | discover them on
For this spread, I prepared my sketchbook with a variety of techniques and media. I started with the idea of using a print from a watercolor painting of Cape Cod since that is our annual vacation destination. I sell watercolor prints in my etsy shop and sometimes I screw up and have to redo the print before I ship it out. This print was printed on the wrong size paper so I saved it and ripped it up for my art journal. You can see the full watercolor HERE

I also used scrapbook papers in coordinating colors, gelli prints I made at an art retreat (read about that here) as well as stamps I made myself (at same retreat.) In addition, I like to harmonize the different elements with transparent acrylic paint, like fluid acrylics.
art journal pages | art journal ideas | art journal techniques | discover them on
Here is look at my art journal while I was in the car. It is was a 6 hour car trip and we were packed into our SUV like the Okies from Grapes of Wrath.
art journal pages | art journal ideas | art journal techniques | discover them on
Here is a look at my finished page. Since it is a little difficult to read I will tell you what it says (because I know I am always nosy about what other artists put in their art journals!)

Summer Traditions

Ice Cream
Flea Market
Frizz ( as in frizzy hair) 
Used Bookstores
Sea food
Family Time
Long Walks
Car Trips
Jim Dale ( He is the narrator of the Harry Potter audio book series, we normally listen to Harry Potter every year on the way up and back and often in between. This year, there were no Harry Potters to be found. So, we had to settle for Jim Dale narrating “Alice in Wonderland” which was equally delightful and we had fun comparing the voices he used with these characters to the ones in Harry Potter, For example, the Queen of Hearts sounds like Professor McGonagall.)

art journal pages | art journal ideas | art journal techniques | discover them on

Art Journal Supplies

For this page, I used a variety of pens. I used my black signo gel pen, pastel colored sharpies, and neon paint pens. ( you can click on the referral links if you want to try these out yourself!)


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What are your summer traditions? Leave a comment or a link to your art or blog!

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  1. hi Emily- Guess what?! ( I didn't know this either) but there are two different narrators for the UK and the American versions of the Harry Potter series. Best, Miriam

  2. Such Awesome Tops I Can Really Use Thank You. One Of Our Traditions Is On Xmas Eve The Kids Get To Open One Gift They Love It!


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