Transform your boring living room in 3 easy steps

This living room packs a powerful visual punch, but really starts with a white or beige couch white walls and plain furnishings. You can get this look too just by adding peacock art, ikat pillows and a bright floor rug!

I know what you are thinking. This living room isn’t boring… but really strip away the pillows and art and you have a plain jane room with a white couch and plan furnishings. If you have a white or beige couch you can think of it as a blank canvas and instantly update your room with some bold moves.

Splurge Worthy Decorating
Radiant Peacock, original canvas art 3×3′

1. Original Peacock Art: This peacock wall art has a ton of texture and detail to keep your home happy and inspired. The surface is layered with dominant colors of radiant orchid, mustard yellow, light green and lavender. Artwork is created on a canvas that measures 3×3′. If you are looking for a large painting to make a dramatic statement over the mantelpiece, the sofa or in a foyer, this peacock art will enhance your home decor.

Another great decorating idea is to put this huge painting in a dining room over the banquet or over a bed. Wherever you decide to display the peacock art the artwork will give you pleasure throughout the years.

2. Pillows: I am in love with all things Madeline Weinrib. She travels around the world to seek inspiration for her home designs. Each of these pillows is a piece of art onto themselves. Take a look at her website.

3. Rug: A rug is like artwork for the floor. Rug above is from Missoni Home.

More shopping details: published in Veranda August 2014 magazine; Custom Sofas in Mokum fabric; Coffee table, JF Chan.


Get the look for less

Art: You can get a similar look by ordering a peacock canvas art print in the size that best suits your wall space and your budget. You can even get a peacock print on paper for additional savings.

etsy designer sukan has a wide selection of purple ikat 
at a fraction of the price

Pillows: Getting a designer look for the pillows is trickier but not impossible. The oversize Weinrib pillows are made of silk and suede justifying their high end price tag. I think these are splurge worthy, but if it isn’t in your budget check out these fab pillow finds all from etsy!

Calypso Hand Woven Rug features a bright 
patchwork of vivid stripes woven in a durable 
flat weave of 100% wool.

Rug: Striped rugs are easier to find. Check out this hip rug from Ballard Designs.. I use this site for my own home all the time. I love this rug which they describe as “If color makes you happy, say hello to heaven.”

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12 thoughts on “Transform your boring living room in 3 easy steps”

  1. The peacock is just a tad too much’in your face ‘and it would grab my attention all the time and I would have to take it down.
    The pillows wouldn’t suit me either.I like a more tranquill room ….more relaxing.

  2. Color! My sanctuary. Fabrics as well! I love coordinating furnishings with art pieces; patterns, textures, color, size, subject etc. Peacock-Definitely bold. Like it however maybe little too bold for me., in color. I enjoy whimsical a lot , maybe in a great room or studio would suit me. Accessories fit with it well however.

  3. I love the peacock and the colors are vibrant. The pillows are pretty, but I think they take away from the painting in that to me it’s too busy and detracts. Maybe just one or two pillows, but not so many different prints. All of the things are beautiful, but just not together. I must say it’s cheerful!

  4. It's perfect! I am very eclectic (actually a Boho Bonnie according to your quiz!) so this room suits me perfectly! For those with different tastes, this article and photo still demonstrate how you can take a painting you love and pull colors from it for a cohesive looking room. Don't change a thing. 🙂 Jenny Goring, Westminster, Colorado

  5. I love how the pillows pull colours from the painting. Personlly, I might put a solid or near solid (tone on tone) coloured pillow to give the eye a "resting" place. It might just be me (probably is) but I feel there is a bit too much texture going on. The different textures of the pillows are competing too much for attention, like they distract from the painting. I might choose to put a solid blue pillow somewhere near the painting just to add a bit of harmony and take away maybe one the purple pillows. That's just me , though.


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