2015: A Year of Purpose

Want to hear a true story? Yesterday I was supposed to be working on my online art class on “How to Paint Cats” but I couldn’t shake the need to document in my art journal the word that described 2014 and the word I wanted to describe 2015.


Documenting the Year

So what happened? I spent four hours working on two different spreads in my art journal…Yep, you heard me …four hours. I was really mad at myself because I have a lot of work to get done and I want to spend next week relaxing and enjoying the time with my family. However, sometimes art is important work. The artwork acts as therapy. I knew in my heart of hearts I couldn’t start filming the cat class until I documented my year. 


Clearing the Driveway of the Mind

Think of it like this… you want to go to the grocery store to buy milk but if there are six inches of snow on your driveway you can’t go to the store until the driveway is clear. Sometimes making art is like clearing the driveway. (but a lot more fun) Once the mind is clear…the rest of the work in your life is easier.

Tweet: Clearing the driveway to the mind in my #artjournal via @schulmanArt http://ctt.ec/ymf48+

Tweet this: Clearing the driveway to the mind in my #artjournal via @schulmanArt http://ctt.ec/ymf48+


How “Intentional” became “Purpose”

I thought that intention would describe my word for 2015 but I struggled with that in my art journal. I tried and failed several times to make “intentional” fit on the page. As I got more and more frustrated I realized that I had chosen the wrong word. If I couldn’t make “intentional” fit on the page…how could I make it fit in my life? Perhaps a higher power was leading me to try a different word. So I listened to my inner voice and decided that “purpose” suited me better. Unlike intentional, purpose has more layered and complex meanings. It is about finding my life’s “purpose” as well as doing everything with a “purpose.” The word “intentional” is a great companion word and will continue to crop up this year in my mind, but I am choosing purpose.

Here is a page from my art journal. I was very intentional in my choices for the background layers, and the color I used on top to integrate the pieces. The color for 2015 is “Marsala” which is a rich red- brown. Brown’s color meaning conveys “orderliness”.. I will be talking about the color of the year in more detail in future blog posts as I am always fascinated with color trends… are you?

On purpose

In addition, to intentional color choices, I also was intentional about the structure of the layout. I wanted a very orderly look to the pages to organize the chaos underneath. I added a washi tape border across the middle and a stamped border around the sides. I wanted the word to be clear and bold, hence I filled it in with sold black paint. I further outlined the word in metallic silver.

Word for 2015

Have you chosen a word for 2015? If you have, I would love for you to share it with me!

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Coming soon… I am going to share a video here on this blog so you can watch me create this journal page and I will talk about my process.

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  1. I love this word for you Miriam! I see you as a very purposeful person. You're so very capable and incisive and just seem to get things done. I appreciate the deeper meaning of having purpose too, and how it can apply to the creation of art. I can't think of a better word for you, and think I may just adopt it myself!

  2. Love your word and your journey towards it…mine is Roots. I am making the leap from corporate to full time creative…it will be a year of learning, of digging deep, of growth. ♡


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