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I just wanted to give you a sneak peek into some pages in my art journal. For these two pages, I used watercolor prints that I deemed “not worthy.” I make prints for sale on etsy and occasionally they don’t come out up to my standards so instead of throwing them away I repurpose them in my art journal.

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For this page, I used a watercolor print of a tabby cat and then added a quote →collect cat art


Tweet: i don't need therapy~ I have a cat via @schulmanArt
I don’t need therapy, I have a cat (tweet this)

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For this page, I used a watercolor print of two white ducks but I dramatically altered the composition and added acrylic paint embellishments. With a little help from my facebook friends I decided that no quite was necessary. → collect watercolor prints of ducks
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  1. Looks so easy! I'm betting mine would still be off centered and what not. Thankfully for me, my mom is great at hanging pictures among other things so I have her to help. hehe

  2. This is a great tip specially for me. I always had issues hanging a picture because our walls are made from concrete and wood. These Florida homes are certainly not built like up north. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Hehehe this is definitely the kinda lost I needed to read!!!! I love artwork and hanging photos, but I always manage to hang them in such goofy ways!


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