How a Frame transforms the art

how to frame art
I found over the years that in spite of what your framer or some other know it all has told you, the best way to sell art is unframed. Now this may be contrary to every book you have picked up that say the art finishes the piece and shows it off– and although that is true, I can not predict the decorating tastes of my art collectors. See how framing the art in four different ways can lend itself to four completely different decorating styles…and the variations are endless!
Take this owl as a case study. I displayed the art in four different frames and then asked my facebook fans which framing style they liked best.  ( you can see the results on this post) The answers varied widely and some wisely noted that it all depends on the room. So I took up the challenge of showing how I would display this art framed in four different styles. Which style do you like the best?
Adding art to a boy’s room? No problem. This owl reminds you of camping, nature, the outdoors and hopefully to do your homework too. The graphic white and black frame adds modernity to the piece keeping it in line with the other masculine touches. Furniture and decor by Pottery Barn.
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living room ideas with owl art → collect owl art
Glinting metallic accents bring a fresh, glamorous aesthetic to this traditional living room. Luxury touches such as the velvet upholstery add formality and comfort. Here the owl stares over the Chinoiserie vases and a grand piano. Do you see how framing the owl in gold lends itself to conservative decor? (→collect the owl art here)
Look how framing the owl in creamy white makes the frame part of the architecture. In this Pottery Barn-esque living room the owl adds a rustic touch and personality to the space. The golden eyes coordinate with the natural linen shades and other textures in the room. (→collect the owl art here)
The clean lines of this frame lends itself to a hip side bar that mixes both urban and rustic elements to showcase the owl art. By the way, if you prefer to collect your art framed in any of the styles shown, you can. All four of these styles are offered as framed prints in my imagekind shop.
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Which is your favorite room for the owl?

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  1. Absolutely stunning. Every artist has their muse. Sometimes a tragedy is what creates the most beautiful pieces and also breaks the artist out of the shell. I love to know the secret behind an artists pieces. What were they feeling and thinking at the time. You definitely show that in your artwork. I collect Dali's mostly but I am expanding to all kinds of art I admire. I would hang a piece of your art on my wall proudly.

  2. I discovered Jan's work quite a few years ago as I began looking for art work for our craftsman style home that we are remodeling. And, as an aspiring artist, I became enamored with her work & started following her on Facebook. I am so excited that she will be holding a tutorial.Her use of color is so peaceful and I am hoping to learn some techniques to create that glowing illumination that her paintings all seem to possess.
    I am also so excited to have been exposed to Miriam's work. It is so fun and whimsical.
    Thank you, ladies, for sharing you gifts with the world. You are both such inspirations!


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