Let’s go on an art retreat!

mixed media art class with seth apter http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2015/06/lets-go-on-art-retreat.html
Last week, I attended an all day “art retreat.” Now, this is really a fancy name for an “art class” but somehow it elevates it if you call it a “retreat.” Technically, I think you are supposed to spend the night to really call it a retreat- but I like to call these things retreats anyway because that is how they make me feel… like I am really away and I have escaped from my everyday reality. 


art miriam schulman chatting with classmate at an art retreat http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2015/06/lets-go-on-art-retreat.html
Here I am chatting with my classmate, Irene, a lovely artful soul.

Now- you might be wondering why a full time artist needs to go on a retreat at all. Most people think that I just get to paint and play all day with my art supplies and watercolors. Unfortunately, if you want to make a living as an artist you have to spend at least 50% of your time marketing your art.

Moreover, because I have two school age non-driving kids living with me, that art/marketing time is also shortened by the other demands of my life leaving me with precious creation time.


artists miriam schulman and seth apter http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2015/06/lets-go-on-art-retreat.html
Here I am with Seth Apter, our wonderful art adventure tour guide. 
Mixed media (and acrylics in general) are a pretty messy business. 
Since this paint (once dried) will absolutely not come off your clothes, 
it is imperative that you wear an apron. (btw, you can get an apron on etsy
AND you can get a coupon for the etsy shop here→ get coupon )

 Art is a luxury

So, I consider it an absolute luxury to hand my kids some cab money for their travels, power down my computer and ignore my cell phone unless I feel like it. From 10 till 3, we played and experimented with art techniques taught by the fabulous Seth Apter

About the Instructor, Seth Apter

Now if you have never taken an art class with Seth Apter, check his schedule and try to make a point of it. He teaches at many locations around the world due to his professional associations with Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine, the Ink Pad and elsewhere.

mixed media art retreat with seth apter http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2015/06/lets-go-on-art-retreat.html
At the end of the class, we got to take a peek at each other’s artwork. I am always amazed how 20 or so folks can be given the same instructions and follow the same process yet all come out with such different results. I was pretty pleased at the way my art still exuded my own personal style while incorporating new techniques. Looking forward to playing with these new processes some more and integrating them with my art making.

Aprons for Crafting (or cooking..)

Although I try to keep a low profile at these events, my apron usually garners a lot of attention and I often end up selling a few to the other artists after (or during!) the retreat. Here are some of the artsy aprons I have in stock.

aprons for women http://www.miriamschulmanstudio.com/aprons.html

Aprons for Women- silky machine washable with pockets for your smart phone!

  1. Dancing Peacock
  2.  Fig Tree Apron
  3. Radiant Peacock Apron
  4. Piano Peonies Apron (sold out!)

Questions for discussion…

Which is your favorite apron? 1, 2, 3 or 4?
Have you ever been on an art retreat?

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  1. So happy that you were able to join for the "retreat" Miriam. I really enjoyed the experience and was glad to be able to share the adventure with you.


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