Art Journal Idea: Take Action

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Are you stuck for an idea for your art journal? I get stuck too… lots of times.. Usually. I will just play with making a pretty background in my journal until an idea strikes me. Here is an idea I came up with for my art journal and you are free to try it out too.
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Take Action

For this art journal prompt I thought about my goals for the year but more specifically I thought about specific action steps that I could take before the end of the year that will help me reach my goals.

Next Actions

I actually wrote this list out a few months ago so I already too some of these action steps.. and some I have yet to take.

Secret Thoughts

Let me share with you the secrets behind these otherwise cryptic thoughts.

picture from my Spring Studio Soiree, raising funds for charity

Art For Charity

This number one item on my agenda was when I decided that I would be more charitable and use my art to help raise more funds for charities I care about. I have already hosted an open studio where half the profits went to the Friends of Music and Arts in my local public school district. You can read about that open studio here: Spring Studio Soiree. I hope to host another “art for charity” event before the year is out.


Write Plan

This is an area I struggle with…perhaps you struggle with it too… and that is actually writing out my plans for ideas I have in my head. I have invested time in a free task management software called Asana and that is really helping me get organized with my ideas so I can plan them out. I have art journal blog posts (like this one) planned out for the next few weeks so you can be treated to more. If you are subscribed to my bi-monthly newsletter (you can subscribe to that and get a free art journal ebook when you do.. click here) then you get links to featured blog posts, notices of new classes, AND inspiration not found anywhere else, but if you want to get the blog posts as soon as they are published then you can follow blog posts by email too… click here to get an email the morning after I write a new blog post..

Make More Art

You would think that as a professional artist, I wouldn’t have to put this on my list! Unfortunately, marketing art and writing these blog posts ( which I love to do) also takes time. I was smart enough to hire an assistant last fall and she has been amazing. I have been training her to do all sorts of things so that I can spend more time making art, making videos to teach you how to make art and getting my messages and ideas out in the world.  Whenever she comes, I am forced to leave my desk and let her take over and get down to the work of making art.

Brain Dump

I like to exercise in the mornings and whenever I do I usually get my best ideas. In order to make sure I don’t lose those ideas. ( ideas are like things) I have to put them away as soon as I find them. So I have been using another free tool called Evernote. That, along with the voice recognition recorder on my iphone I will dictate my ideas into Evernote to look at later.

Sometimes, I do “brain dump” the old fashioned way with pen and paper. I just try to make it a habit to “brain dump” my ideas at the end of working out. Now if only I can start dumping out the debris in my purse at the end of the day… hmm… that should be on my action list too.

Healing Service

Years ago, I used to attend uplifting “healing” services. I don;t want to say too much about this one right now…basically I want to get more in touch with my spirituality.


This should be obvious.. but what this means is that I want to travel. If you want to know how I invest my earnings, this is going to be it. I have saved enough from my art sales and art classes to book a trip to Amsterdam this summer. Hee-haw. I can’t wait to share that with you!


"Cape Cod Summer" watercolor portrait by Miriam Schulman ©SchulmanArt
“Cape Cod Summer” portrait of my children ©SchulmanArt

Call Sibs

I don’t talk to my brother and sister nearly as much as I would like. So, I know it is up to me to reach out to them and to not complain about it.





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