black gesso proceso

art journal tutorial with black gesso

Do you have the courage to try black gesso in your art journal?

Today, I’m going to give you a peek of my art journaling process. I’m going to use black gesso as the first layer and the entire time I am meditating on a mantra about commitment to my goals. you can watch the video of my art journal from start to finish.

The opposite of success is not failure

The opposite of success is not failure. The opposite of success is giving up, and I do not give up during this entire process. You’ll see, if a layer doesn’t work, I just keep layering on top, and layering, and layering, and layering, until I like the way it turns out. So, I’m sharing this with you, because I do know that it’s going to work out really well in the end, and I wanted to share with you my entire process including the ugly parts

Ugly ducklings sometimes grow into beautiful swans (even with our art)

All the previous work is still there. It still forms different layers, peeking through the new layers.The whole point of doing an art journal is you get to experiment without worrying about creating a finished product that’s for sale.

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I am 100% committed to becoming the artist I need to be… I believe I can

Here is the final art journal two page spread. The mantra I’ve been repeating throughout this entire art journal process, is “I am 100% committed to becoming the artist I need to be… I believe I can.”


art journal tutorial with black gesso
1. Golden Fluid Acrylics – Vat OrangeTealYellow Oxide
2. Letraset Neon Markers
3. Liquitex Black Gesso
4. Liquitex White Gesso

More essential supplies not in graphic
5. Black Pentel Pen
6. PITT Artist Pen – White Large Bullet Nib

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art journal ideas | art journal pages | get art journal inspiration →

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Do you have the courage to try black gesso in your art journal?

12 thoughts on “black gesso proceso”

  1. I throughly enjoyed watching your black gesso art journaling
    making a wonderful experimental mess and arriving at an acceptable result . It very much reminded me of the years I did art therapy with mentally subnormal adolescents This was the space I lead them into to achieve the finished work. Thank you so much for taking me back in essence

  2. Thank you for sharing. I downloaded your free art journal ebook yesterday and love it. I haven’t do a journal before , but I’m looking forward to try it. You have inspired me !

  3. great question @Tracy Weiss – I learned how to do this in a day long workshop with Julie Fei-Fan Balzar. Although I have no plan to teach this process at the moment, I know that she has an online class

  4. Amazing. Loved seeing the process. I am always happy when I get to the "ugly phase" as I know the end is some what in sight!

  5. Wow! This is beautiful.
    I watched your Rub Ons videos via 21 Secrets yesterday, which brought me here. I have no transparencies here at home, but a whole box in my classroom. So I haven't done the transfer part…yet, but your journal demo was so inspiring, I had to visit and check out more. I can't get enough! I'm enjoying all your tips and tricks. Thank you for sharing!!!


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