Watercolor Wednesdays: How To Mix Green Paint

watercolor techniques: how to mix green paint http://schulmanart.blogspot.com/2015/07/watercolor-wednesdays-how-to-mix-green.html

by Miriam Schulman

Mixing green paint is one of the most challenging watercolor techniques to beginning students but once you learn some simple recipes, it can be easy. Every year, I show my students how to mix green and review the demo in class. The trick is to keep it simple and I will reuse the same recipes over and over again. In this blog post, I will show you how.

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Pepsico Ducks, Watercolor by Miriam Schulman ©SchulmanArt (→collect duck prints)

Green is an indisputable and indispensable component of painting watercolor landscapes. Learning how to properly mix green paint will improve all your watercolor landscape paintings.
watercolor painting techniques: how to mix green watercolor paint http://www.schulmanart.com/2015/07/watercolor-wednesdays-how-to-mix-green-paint/

Green Recipes

1) Although Phthalo Green (also known as Winsor green) looks artificial on its own, it makes a terrific base to use in mixing vibrant greens.

2) My favorite combination is to combine Winsor green with Burnt Sienna.

3) The brownish sienna softens the bottle green to a natural olive green applicable to many watercolor landscape paintings

4) For more variety I sometimes substitute Quinacridone Gold instead of Burnt Sienna or use Viridian Green as the base instead of Winsor Green. As you see, all these greens are soft, vibrant and natural.

Are you interested in getting video lessons on exact mixing techniques? Check out my beginner class, Watercolor Secrets where I will show you step by step how to mix greens with natural vibrancy.

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watercolor painting techniques: how to mix green watercolor paint http://www.schulmanart.com/2015/07/watercolor-wednesdays-how-to-mix-green-paint/

4 thoughts on “Watercolor Wednesdays: How To Mix Green Paint”

  1. I have been painting for a year. I love your explanation on greens. Another color I struggle with is vibrant purples. The clear shades of purple. Be it light, medium, dark. It seems to be easy to go to heavy or strong against the other colors in flowers, birds, skies etc. I hope this makes sense.

  2. Hi Miriam! I’ve been listening to your podcast and in reverse order I am on number sixty-one. I have so enjoyed you and your guests and all the practical information you share with your community of listeners. I’m 57 and disabled by a fall at work. I now live with my son and have a specified art studio! First time ever! I’m ready to dig in and see what comes from these eyes and hands! Thank you so much for the inspiration you have given and continue to give through your podcast and now I’ve found your website so I’m thrilled!!! Thanks again!.
    Sheila Babb
    Charleston, Missouri

  3. Hi there,
    I’ve just started to paint at the tender young age of 46.
    Watercolor was the obvious choice for me because of its affordability and simplicity.
    Two weeks in and I’m hooked.
    Thanks for your encouraging tips and inspiration.
    Rod. Perth Western Australia


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