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I like to think of my art journal as “pieces of me” that I glue and hold down together. Pieces of me can be words, thoughts, things I have seen that I like, color from from my fingertips or parts of other artworks.

Print Rejects

One piece of me that always delights me is to add a print of my artwork to the page. Since I sell prints on etsy, often I will have prints that for one reason or another were “screw ups.” Often, this this is because I forgot to change the size settings before I printed it out so I have to make a new print for my collector. These off sized prints make lovely additions to my art journal. Take a look at a few I share here.

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I have a lot of “Yo Yo Ma.” So he may make his appearance in another art journal spreads. In this one, I added him to the right page. On the left page, I used a doodled-on Tanglewood program. Then, I overlaid both the list on the left and Yo Yo on the right with cello “masks.” I cut out the shape of a cello with a manila folder and traced it several times on both pages. I added the cello details in sharpies and painted a thin layer of white acrylic glaze around the cellos. {The page on the left is part of another art journal prompt you may like: Art Journal Ideas: Two for the road

You can collect a print of Yo Yo Ma HERE ( I promise to send you the correct size!)


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This nude figure is from one of my most popular prints from my figure shop on etsy. I have two shops…one which is strictly G rated and also this other shop with classical figure paintings that may not be as family friendly to some. 

Be What you Need

This expression comes from my “Soul-cycle” spinning instructor, Melanie, who was always preaching to us to “Be what you need.” What this means is not to expect others to give you what you need but to look inside yourself and create what you need in your life. For example, if you are looking for love then you can give love. If you are looking for a hug then you can give someone a hug instead of waiting for one to be offered to you. You can check out my figurative paintings HERE


inspiration for your art journal → flower in this art journal page came from another collage painting. I used just one flower. You can see the full collage painting in my etsy shop.  I saw this quote and it resonated with me so I decided it was a fitting quote for the flower journal page.

You can take a closer look at the flower painting in my etsy shop HERE

Three pages from my journal:

1) Be What you need
2) The Yo Yo Ma pages
3) Flowers 

(like this? why don’t you pin it?)


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Have you ever used prints in your art journal? What do you think of this idea?

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