Harness the Secret Powers of Animal Spirits

I always like to imagine that when birds cross my path– and other animals as well– that they are carrying secret messages to me from the spirit world. I know that I am not alone in this thinking as I often hear reports from otherwise sane and logical folks about “the eagle who flew over the funeral ceremony”, or “the bird that landed on the sill just as their mother was passing.” 

Have you heard a similar story or have one to share?


Hidden Meanings of Animal Spirits

Apparently, there is a whole study of the meanings of animal spirits and what it means if a particular animal crosses your path. Since I frequently include animals in my repertoire, I wanted to study thoughts on animal spirit meanings.


The Flamingo Animal Totem

If a flamingo has wandered across your path, he is reminding you to get in touch with your emotions. From Linsdomain.com I learned: “Flamingo signals a time of cleansing and filtering to find out what nourishes and heals the heart. Flamingo shows you how to follow your heart in all of your endeavors.”

There is a lot to notice about this original flamingo painting and you will appreciate something new each time you study it. Here are some hints on what you should look for… There is piano music sprinkled throughout the composition playing its happy songs and romantic writing scrawled along the top. The bright teal forms a textual whimsical border. This flamingo may be pink but he is fierce and strong and wants you to be as well. Each day he will stare at you from wherever you decide to display him giving you strength and commitment to your goals helping you reaffirm your life’s purpose.

The dominant colors are bright warm pink and a calming teal blue….do the colors have that same affect on you?

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Look for the word “courage” in the water near the flamingo’s beak. The word “play” is more obvious just above the waterline. The word “fun” in white is just visible below my signature.

After researching the meanings of different animal totems and their spirits, I arrived at this significance of flamingos:

Here is what I learned from www.spirit-animals.com: “Flamingos may be letting you know that it is time for you to get out and socialize and have some fun in your life. This will be helpful in letting go of stressful situations and coming to terms with changes in your life. Know that new ideas and options will be revealed to you by immersing yourself in the company of others and allowing yourself to balance in gratitude for what you have. Appreciate those around you.”

Invite this animal spirit to watch over your room and remind you to get out and have the courage to play and have fun!

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and then you will always have a reminder of this animal spirit

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What does the flamingo mean to you?

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