Tis the season to remember

Although I am Jewish, I absolutely adore creating holiday ornaments. I think this harks back to when I was a girl scout living in the suburbs of Atlanta. Each year, I looked forward to stringing popcorn and cranberries as well creating these little works of art to decorate the tree.


Memorial Ornaments 

One tradition that I have discovered is creating memorial ornaments. These ornaments usually have a dragonfly or a butterfly to symbolize life after death in a spiritual way. Collectors were snatching up the dragonfly ornaments and asking to have their loved ones names added lovingly to the back.




Art provides comfort

I love this tradition so much and it gives me joy to know that my little art is providing comfort to those who may be feeling loss. Families normally collect a new one each year and I also noticed that my collectors preferred to get the holiday ornaments in multiples so that is why I am offering coordinated ornaments in sets of three. There are only three sets offered this year in this style plus I also have some selected ones I made with small prints of my art and bedazzled with glitter. You can see all the ornaments HERE


Celebrate Your Family

Honoring your loved ones during the holidays brings the spirit of the holiday to what is most important, celebrating your family. Instead of the name, sometimes people will choose to personalize the ornament with the verse: 

Those we love don’t go away,
They walk beside us every day,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed and very dear.

Last year, I hosted a hugely successful newsletter subscriber only black Friday “sale.” I put sale in quotes because I really don’t put my art on sale but I do give art collectors and loyal newsletter subscriber secret coupon codes to save on art because I really appreciate you.  (by the way, I wouldn’t necessarily suggest waiting until the sale to get these 2015 ornaments since I only made ten in this style and they may even be gone before the sale. I don’t usually have time to restock so once these are gone, they are gone. You can get yours now HERE )

In Case We Haven’t Met Yet…

artist Miriam Schulman of @schulmanArt learn more at www.SchulmanArt.com

Hey, I’m Miriam Schulman and I create mixed media art to tell stories. I also teach other people how to craft their stories with art. I give them the techniques they need to get the results they desire which brings more joy to their lives. 


My art has been published by Somerset StudioArt of Man and the New York Times among others and collected by an international audience. When I’m not working on art in my studio, you’ll find me in a museum spending time with friends or family. Explore my art at SchulmanArt.com or join the fun at TheInspirationPlace.net


I would love to hear from you…do you have a tradition of collecting a certain kind of ornaments in your family?

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