Secrets to a longer life

bathroom decorating ideas |

by Miriam Schulman

Fountain of Youth:

Once I read that the oldest woman in the world.. she was 116 when I read this.. she would be 117 now if she is still alive. Eats bacon and takes a bath every morning. I eat bacon a lot.. not everyday mind you.. but it was the bath part that really got my attention.

She also credited lots of sleep and her family claims it was her loving and generous spirit that granted her a long life…

“I surround myself with love and positive energy. That’s the key to long life and happiness.” ~Susannah Mushatt Jones (tweet this)

(but I digress.)

Healing Waters

What she says about life, I can say about my bath. I imagine the hot water is filling the tub with positive energy. I climb into like a womb and always emerge new again. Sometimes, I risk iPhone damage by listening to a positive affirmation audio while in the tub. Sometimes, I light a candle. Always, I close my eyes and let the hot water embrace me.

If I am having a particularly bad day, I may take more than one bath. If I have to wash my hair, I will take a shower to wash my hair and then climb into the bath. (shh…don’t tell my husband… he might freak out by all the water I am using up..)


Interior decorator Steve Justrich gives ideas for how to display art in the bathoom. Discover these wonderful bathroom decorating ideas.

(tweet this)“The bathroom, with its limited space, is still a great room to get creative when placing art.”~Steve Justrich


Bathroom Sanctuary

Whether the bathroom is your sanctuary to unwind at the end of the day or a place where you need to be energized first thing in the morning incorporate art in to your bathroom decor to transform your mood.


Bathroom Decorating Ideas

bathroom decorating ideas
The black and white graphic image of these penguins fit in nicely with the white bathroom. >>see more Penguin Art
bathroom decorating ideas
Water birds, like swans, always make for relaxing soothing imagery. You can see more swans from my portfolio, plus some oil paintings of swans that might surprise you! >> view swans
bathroom decorating ideas
Your bathroom is your sanctuary and your intimate space. You can find a wide selection of fine art prints of watercolor figures in your choice of framing. see figurative art >>
bathroom decorating ideas
Consider reclining nudes in watercolor to decorate your bathroom. See more watercolor nudes >>

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Now I want to hear from you. Which age defying secret are you willing to try? (more baths, bacon, sleep, or positivity?)

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