who else wants to paint a duck?

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It seems every spring, I start painting animals and flowers… Not that I don’t paint animals other times of the year, but the intensity of my painting creatures definitely picks up around March.

Early in the month, I started working on this duck painting. When I first start off with my mixed media creations, I often have no concept of what the subject will be.

I start with my feelings.


Feelings Dictate Colors

What I mean, is that I start with layers of the background and let my feelings dictate the colors. While I was working on this piece, the only early decisions I had made were to use printed napkins with Faberge eggs. Since the end of this March is also Easter… at first I thought I would do a bunny on top. Until I considered that that ducks lay eggs, not rabbits.


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Here is the finished painting of The Imperial Duck. I titled it the imperial duck since Faberge is a trademarked name to describe these ornate eggs created for the Imperial family.


Collect the Art

Want to own this painting? You can collect it directly from my website and it includes a black floater frame. Plus, you get free US shipping.
 >> collect animal art


Imperial Duck Video Tutorial

Want to watch me paint this duck painting from start to finish? You can! Hop on over to A Colorful Journey where Carolyn Dube is graciously hosting my guest blog post on her site!


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