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Do you wait too long each year to start creating handcrafted gifts and then run out of time and lose the joy of it?

Well if you would rather give handmade but never seem to get organized than you are not alone…

and it is not your fault.

You just haven’t had a fun community to hold you accountable plus a plethora of projects to keep you inspired with gift ideas that will make the receiver say “Wow!” instead of “Oh.”

Nothing compares to giving handcrafted gifts from the heart to your loved ones; however, it can be hard to come up with unique ideas that will be appreciated and finished on time.

That’s where we can help..watch this video to learn how.


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  • Nothing compares to giving handcrafted gifts from the heart to your loved ones.
  • Our online format gives you the guidance you need, and step-by-step instructions so you will complete your project without the frustration of going it alone
  • Plus you’ll have the bonus of external accountability to get your holiday projects done in time!
  • Our teacher team has done the heavy lifting of figuring out 10 unique gifts to create, so you won’t need to struggle to come up with ideas.

Registration is now open!!!


Connect with 10 Inspirational Art Teachers


Join us for our newest class, Handcrafted Holidays! It’s a smorgasbord of teachers. Enjoy them buffet style as you sample ideas for crafted gifts for the holidays!


Are you ready to create your own handmade gifts from the heart?

Colorful Advent Calendar with Carolyn Dube • Mexican Star Piñata with Danita Art  Poinsettia Mola with Jane LaFazioGift Boxes with Marjie Kemper • Wrapping Embellishments with Andrea Gomoll  Inspirational Word Ornaments with Miriam Schulman  Wonder Poppets with Mystele Paint  Star Ornament with Blenda Tyvoll  Tzedakah Box with Jessica Sporn  Golden Letters with Joanne Sharpe  •










  • “I have signed up for this class so that I can FINALLY make some Christmas presents for my friends and family. I always have good intentions, but rarely follow through. I’m looking forward to some fun creating and seeing what everyone else in the class is up to also.” ~Jackie D. from Mobile, Alabama
  • “Thank you for this wonderful class!! I love to give unique gifts to people, and I couldn’t have found a greater way to learn some new ideas and techniques for making gifts other than from you and all the other artists included in these lessons for the Holidays! “~ Deb Lund

    “I signed up because I like making things for the holidays. I love mixed media although I haven’t done a lot. There is so much to do and learn; not the least of which is the massive amount of products available. I could spend hours re-searching things on the web but then all my time has been wasted. Signing up to learn from the experts who already know this stuff is a short cut for me. I learn how to do great projects while getting familiar with the products as well as “meeting” the designers. This one I especially like because it utilizes as much on hand stuff as possible. I’m working on Andrea’s gift wrapping now. The weather has finally cooled making it the perfect time to start.” ~Elsa R. Crowley, Texas

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  • Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What if I don’t have all the supplies on your list… can I make substitutions?
A:Yes, always… there is usually a substitute and all the teachers encourage you to use what you have.


  • Q: I can’t wait…when does class start?
    A: It may take up to 48 hours to create the access for you on the Inspiration Place. We apologize that this process is not more automated and you will be emailed a warm welcome when your registration has been processed.Q: Are all the lessons released at once?
    A: Yes! (except for a bonus lesson which will be added in early November) All lessons are available on day one so you can binge watch the entire course and not have to wait for your favorite artist’s project to be released.

    Q: How long do I have access?

    Q: Do I have to be at my computer at a specific time?
    A: No, all course are available when you want to watch them for as many times as you need to refresh

    Q: Can I download the videos?
    A: Yes!

    Q: Can I ask the teachers questions?

    A: Absolutely! All the teachers love to answer your questions




  • Miriam Schulman will be adding bonus projects in Mixed Media and Watercolor.

Bonus #1: You will learn all the step-by-step nuances to transform a coloring page into a mixed media work of art.

Bonus #2: Surprise Watercolor Project

PLUS Bonus #3 Fast acting bonuses

Register by October 20th to get the ten coloring page designs to use in your mixed media art ( or to color!)



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100%, Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee! You have 30 days to try it out.  If, for any reason, you are not 100% delighted with Handcrafted Holidays then simply email me for a no questions asked refund.

It just wouldn’t be the same without you!


Sign up before November 1, 2016 to save 30%!!
{plus more time to get crafty!}


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