Taking Flight

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How do you define an artist?

Someone who shows up to create art is an artist.

I’ve always believed in this very simple definition.
If you write poetry, then you’re a poet.
If you sing songs, then you’re a singer.

If you love to create artthen I encourage you to see yourself as an artist, too.

Just ask Jane LaFazio, one of the co-teachers in my Handcrafted Holidays class, how it feels to take the big leap to become an artist. She’s been a full-time artist since 1998 when she took that leap of faith.

Taking Flight

After “putting out to the universe” that she would love to travel, Jane LaFazio travels and leads art workshops around the world. Since her flight attendant days she has always loved to travel and wanted to teach art in places that she could take her husband. She regularly teaches international art retreats where she gets to embrace her love of travel, teach art and take her husband along for the adventure.

Jane knows first-hand how travel sparks creativity and how new places and experiences provide fresh inspiration for the next painting. Since she sketches primarily in watercolor, it’s pretty easy to stash these art supplies in her travel bag so they will be available to reflect on the day’s adventures.


Art Inspired by Travel

No matter where you plan to travel this year, be sure to show up and create art on or about your travel adventure. Not only is it a terrific way for you to practice your craft, you will have a beautiful memento to remind you of your trip.

Jane’s love of travel and her passion for folk art from other countries inspired her project for the Handcrafted Holidays class.

If you sign up for the Handcrafted Class you will learn how to make a traditional poinsettia mola in felt, a reverse appliqué process developed in Panama 150 years ago. The fantastic thing about creating this mola in felt, is that it is very forgiving. If you don’t cut it right the first time, you can just cut it again and improvise as necessary.

About Jane LaFazio

Jane LaFazio, one of the co-teachers in the Handcrafted Holidays class, knows all about making the commitment to follow her passion for art. She’s so thankful she took the leap of faith to become a full-time artist in 1998, because today she’s truly living the life she was meant to live!

Jane has cultivated a wide range of skills as a painter, mixed media and quilt artist, art teacher and blogger. She designs stencils for StencilGirlProducts, and her artwork has been featured in Cloth Paper Scissors and Quilting Arts magazines numerous times, in many books, as well as in Danny Gregory’s An Illustrated Life. Her fun-loving, creative and supportive teaching style is enjoyed by students in her online classes and those who join her on international art retreats.

Although Jane lives in San Diego, she loves to travel and lead art workshops around the world. Most recently, she cruised and painted along the Danube River; toured, sketched and painted in Greece; and a bit closer to home led a workshop in Taos, New Mexico.


A sneak peek at Jane’s project for Handcrafted Holidays…

Jane will be teaching us how to make a Mola in the Mexican tradition. This makes a beautiful ornament plus she has ideas on how to turn this project into a book cover and more.



Here are just a few reasons to say “yes” to the Handcrafted Holidays class:


Connect with 10 Inspirational Art Teachers


Join us for our newest class, Handcrafted Holidays! It’s a smorgasbord of teachers. Enjoy them buffet style as you sample ideas for crafted gifts for the holidays!



Are you ready to create your own handmade gifts from the heart?

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  • Nothing compares to giving handcrafted gifts from the heart to your loved ones.
  • Our online format gives you the guidance you need and step-by-step instructions so you will complete your project without the frustration of going it alone.
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