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Mystele Kirkeeng, a Handcrafted Holidays’ teacher, had an “a-ha” moment during our “Artist Chat.”

She realized that music plays an instrumental—and intriguing— role in her art process.

Although a full-time artist today, Mystele studied music since childhood and realized during our chat just how much music influences her art and teaching style today.

Asserting your voice in music and art makes it “sing” which dynamically communicates emotion to an audience rather than act as a static “pretty picture.”

As you’ll learn in our “Artist Chat,” you just might have to make a drastic improvisation to get to the point of harmony.

Just as live concerts energize many musicians, Mystele gets inspired and loves the synergy that happens when she creates in person with others who are hungry to learn about the creative process. During our “Artist Chat,” she realized that her musical background makes it easier for her to take a risk with her artwork and to know when elements work together. If her painting bores her, she makes a drastic move without hesitation. She strives to get to the point of harmony when pieces work together.

Art by Mystele Kirkeeng

Jazzed to get to rhythm and flow

The rhythms and measures in music correlate to the patterns and flow that artists achieve when they create harmonious compositions. The orchestration of pieces melding together, and the power of one note (or stroke) to alter your composition to either create a masterpiece or ruin it is the mysterious part of creativity. Even if something is “pretty,” if it’s not communicating your voice as an artist you should take a risk to see what happens. How you use your voice to communicate through your art whether singing or painting is the essence of personal expression and art. You can either paint by the numbers or truly communicate.


 Mystele Kirkeeng in her studio

About Mystele

Out of the darkness of depression, Mystele found her voice as an artist and teaches classes, creates paintings and mixed media “make-ings” from her studio outside of Chicago. Her love of  her childhood home in Texas still inspires the colors and texture in her art today.

I’m thrilled to have Mystele part of the Handcrafted Holidays’ teaching team.

You can find Mystele online at

A Sneak Peek at Mysteles Wonder poppets

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