128: Creative Careers with Jeffrey Madoff

with host artist Miriam Schulman

Today, I’ve invited Jeffrey Madoff to The Inspiration Place Podcast and we’re talking all about creative careers!


In this podcast, you will discover…

  • How to be smart about your hustle
  • Why the genius is in the edit
  • How to create a long-lasting career on your own terms

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About Jeffrey

Madoff began his career as a fashion designer. He was chosen one of the top 10 designers in the U.S. He switched careers to film and video production. Madoff directed award winning commercials, documentaries and web content around the world for clients such as Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, and Tiffany.
Madoff also works with private equity firms and investment banks such as Lazard to create the brand story for companies that are being sold or startups looking to attract investment.
His book, “Creative Careers: Making a Living With Your Ideas” is an Amazon Bestseller based, on the class teaches at Parsons School of Design.
Madoff is a playwright and theater producer. His play “Personality: The Lloyd Price Musical”, based on the life of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend Lloyd Price will have its world premiere in February of 2022 at People’s Light Theater.
He has been a featured speaker on creating a brand and creativity at Wharton School, Princeton University, NYU Steinhardt, North Carolina State, and Minnesota State.
He graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin with degrees in philosophy & psychology. Madoff was also on the wrestling team, which combined with his academic studies prepared him for a life in the film business.

Instagram: @acreativecareer
Instagram: @madoffproductions
Instagram: @jeff_madoff
Twitter: @acreativecareer

About the host, Miriam Schulman

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m Miriam Schulman, Chief Inspiration Officer of The Inspiration Place. I inspire art-lovers to reconnect with their creativity, learn new skills and techniques, and profit from their art. After witnessing the 9/11 terrorist attacks, I abandoned a lucrative hedge fund job to work on my art full time. Rejecting the starving artist myth, my paintings have been seen on NBC, published in art magazines & home décor books, and collected worldwide. I’d love to invite you to check out one of my free resources for art lovers (of every passion level) at schulmanart.com/freebies


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Listener shout out of the week!

I’m busy listening to this right now Miriam- so many gems that I’m listening to it again! Thanks for your wisdom 🙏😊”

~Deb Webb, @debwebbart

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I’m Miriam Schulman, Chief Inspiration Officer.

I inspire art-lovers to reconnect with their creativity, learn new skills and techniques, and profit from their art. Whether you paint simply for the joy of it or you’re serious about selling your work, and you’re ready to stop putting yourself on the back burner...You're in the right place. I've done it and I can inspire YOU how to do it too.

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