259: Let the Universe Meet You Halfway with Emily Silva Hockstra


with host artist Miriam Schulman

Our art and our books don’t sell themselves. It’s our connection with other people and the stories we share and the experiences we relate to, that we capture hearts and minds.   

I talked with Emily Silva Hockstra about this on the show today. In 2014, Emily quit her job to pursue her dream of becoming an author. She got a one-way ticket to Bali and set out to write the next Eat, Pray, Love. But when she got one rejection after another from agents, she decided to put it away and focus on her coaching business. She was contacted by her publisher weeks later with the pitch for her first book Moonlight Gratitude.   

Emily’s commitment to sharing her book and presenting it to the world has led to the sale of over a hundred thousand copies, each representing a life touched and transformed by her words. 

“We’re all kind of making it up as we go along, because who even knows what it’s supposed to be anyway? And why should it all be the same?” – Miriam Schulman 

In this podcast, you will discover…

Here’s a few lessons from Emily: 

  • Embrace the natural flow of your journey; don’t force outcomes. 
  • Remember that selling your book, your art, your work comes from personal connections. 
  • For people to know your work, you have to share your work. 

“People don’t know the magic that you have. So harness your bravery and share what you’re creating. Who knows who you’ll affect?” – Emily Silva Hockstra 

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About Emily

Emily Silva Hockstra quit her corporate job in 2014 to pursue her dreams of becoming an author and starting her own business. She launched a coaching company which specializes in helping women harness their bravery to bring their gifts into the world. Her signature program ‘From Writer to Author’ helps aspiring authors navigate the publishing industry with clarity and confidence.

She is the author of 4 books: Moonlight Gratitude, Moonlight Gratitude Journal, Find Your Glow Feed Your Soul and Sunrise Gratitude, which was named in 10 Books That Might Change Your Life Right Now .

She lives with her husband in San Diego when they aren’t traveling to create their next soul adventure.

You can read more about her journey at soulsadventures.com and follow her on Instagram @soulsadventures

About the host, Miriam Schulman

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m an artist and founder of The Inspiration Place, where I help other artists learn how to profit from their passion. Through online classes, business coaching programs, and a top-ranked podcast, I’ve helped thousands of artists around the world develop their skill sets and create more time and freedom to do what they love. My signature coaching program, The Artist Incubator, helps artists go from so-so sales to sold-out collections.

After witnessing 9/11, I abandoned a lucrative hedge fund job to work on my art full time. Since then, my art and story have been featured in major publications including Forbes, What Women Create, The New York Times, Art of Man, Art Journaling magazine as well as featured on NBC’s “Parenthood” and the Amazon series “Hunters” with Al Pacino. Check out my best-selling book with HarperCollins Leadership, Artpreneur, how to make money from your creativity, wherever books are sold. When I’m not in the studio, I split my time between New York City and a farmhouse in the country. I’d love to invite you to check out one of my free resources for art lovers (of every passion level) at schulmanart.com/freebies

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Listener shout-out of the week!

Fun & informative!
Miriam shares business tips and insights in a way that makes me excited to implement them! She’s not afraid to give real-life examples which is so helpful to me as a business owner and creator. Love benefiting from her wisdom and humor on this podcast!

~ Petunia2012

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