2023 IP Podcast - Episode 262 - Future Self - rectangle listen here

with host artist Miriam Schulman

Today, we dive deep into the concept of delayed gratification and explore how it can fuel your productivity and propel you towards long-term success.

Gego, the groundbreaking Venezuelan artist known for her innovative wire sculptures, teaches us about the beauty of embracing the process and allowing ideas to evolve organically. Learn how Gego’s patient exploration and experimentation led to the creation of intricate and mesmerizing artworks that continue to captivate audiences worldwide.

In addition, we explore the transformative artistry of Lauren Halsey, whose vibrant installations immerse viewers in a world that merges fantasy and reality. Delve into Halsey’s creative process, inspired by her community, and learn how her dedication to long-term projects has enabled her to make a profound impact through her art.

In this podcast, you will discover…

A couple highlights from this episode:

  • Current New York art exhibits you have to see

  • Lessons for my future self from my recent trip

  • Art lessons from other artists

“Anything that you do that is your weakness, is also your strength.” – Miriam Schulman

If we just look around and observe enough, we’ll pick up things to learn everywhere. By immersing ourselves in the world of art, we become open to lessons from other artists. It can be their approach to making their art, the development of their styles, or maybe just a small peek into their worldview.

Links Mentioned

Mastermind & Dine

The Roof Garden Commission: Lauren Halsey

Georgia O’Keeffe: To See Takes Time

Gego: Measuring Infinity


About the host, Miriam Schulman

In case we haven’t met yet, I’m an artist and founder of The Inspiration Place, where I help other artists learn how to profit from their passion. Through online classes, business coaching programs, and a top-ranked podcast, I’ve helped thousands of artists around the world develop their skill sets and create more time and freedom to do what they love. My signature coaching program, The Artist Incubator, helps artists go from so-so sales to sold-out collections.

After witnessing 9/11, I abandoned a lucrative hedge fund job to work on my art full time. Since then, my art and story have been featured in major publications including Forbes, What Women Create, The New York Times, Art of Man, Art Journaling magazine as well as featured on NBC’s “Parenthood” and the Amazon series “Hunters” with Al Pacino. Check out my best-selling book with HarperCollins Leadership, Artpreneur, how to make money from your creativity, wherever books are sold. When I’m not in the studio, I split my time between New York City and a farmhouse in the country. I’d love to invite you to check out one of my free resources for art lovers (of every passion level) at schulmanart.com/freebies

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Listener shout out of the week!

Count me inspired!
Miriam is so knowledgeable and beyond that, caring and enthusiastic! The ChatGPT episode was one of my favourites… hearing the two of them talk over each other excitedly was a joy, and I learned a lot. Learning from experienced mentors is key for me on my journey, and I’m excited to hear more episodes from the Inspiration Place to help me with mindset and business mastery in my own creative way! – Chantelle, Clear Quartz Creative

~ Chantelle @clearquartzcreative

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  1. …I just want to add that I normally enjoy the ads, or don’t mind them. Now I’m either going to skip over them or not listen anymore.

  2. This was such a great podcast, but those AI things make me not want to listen to your podcasts – they give me the heebeejeebies.


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