The Portrait Playlist

The Portrait Playlist

2022 IP Podcast - Episode 196 - Taboo Technique - blog

196: The Taboo Technique with Miriam Schulman


127: Rise of the Black Portrait Artist

IP Podcast - episode 063 - Art is Your Legacy - blog

063: Art is Your Legacy

IP Podcast - episode 055 - Portrait of An Artist (with Children) - blog

055: Portrait of An Artist (with Children)

IP Podcast - episode 054 - The 5 P's of the Schulman Portrait Painting Process - blog

054: The 5 P’s of the Schulman Portrait Painting Process

IP Podcast - episode 053 - How portraits can turn passion into profits - blog

053: How Portraits Can Turn Passion into Profits

hands- the second portrait blog graphic 650x650

Hands: The Second Portrait

psychological portraits blog graphic

Learning from the Masters: The Psychological Portraits of John Singer Sargent

online art classes - Blog post TEMPLATE (3)

What is the secret to a great portrait like the Mona Lisa?

art for sale- Blog post TEMPLATE (24)

Extreme Cropping and Large Scale Make Watercolor Portrait Modern