Watercolor Workshop: Painting Birds

After reading a wonderful article by in Somerset Studio’s May/June issue, I decided I would try teaching a version of her simple bird drawing and painting techniques to my students. First I cut up watercolor paper for them in easy to mange 4×6″ pieces. Then I gathered all my bird photo reference materials. Before they came I drew a few of my own birds. I chose a warbler, an owl and a snowy plover. When they came I again drew some birds from scratch and allowed them to copy either my birds, the birds in photos or Copeland’s artwork. Then I demonstrated how to apply a simple wash over the piece and add black ink as a finishing touch. They had a fun time and found that the exercise really helped them see the larger shapes in their paintings.

Look at how whimsical the birds are…the bird in one has found a worm!


Here another student works on a snowy plover and her baby.
Do you see the whooping cranes in the background the student has finsihed?

After my students left, I got busy creating birds in my own style

Bird Painting, watercolor of wildlife art Snowy Plover 8x10" with FREE white mat 

Bird Painting, watercolor … .


Owl Art, bird wildlife watercolor painting 8x10" with FREE white mat 

Owl Art, bird wildlife wat…
Bird Painting, watercolor of wildlife art Golden Winged Warbler 8x10" with FREE white mat 

Bird Painting, watercolor …
Bird Art, wildlife watercolor painting Set of THREE ORIGINALS with FREE 8x10" white mat 

Bird Art, wildlife waterco… .


Crafts inspired by nature found on etsy:

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