Here comes the bride! Five great ideas to celebrate weddings

Custom Bridal bouquet paintings
by Miriam Schulman 

Currently, I am working on building up my portfolio with samples of watercolor paintings of bridal bouquets. To get started, I posted a request on my facebook page for fans and friends to send in their wedding flower pictures for free art. For each photo I made three paintings in three different sizes. This is important because the larger the painting, the more detail there is so I wanted to give customer an idea of what they can expect. The three sizes I chose to offer were ACEO ( which is a playing card sized collectible artwork), 4×6″ and 8×10″ The “bride” who donated their photo to me each got the 4×6″ painting for free which will be sent to them with 8×10″ matting. By the way, as of this post I still can do two more free paintings of bouquets and I also will start asking for pictures of wedding dresses! You can either “tag” SchulmanArt on your facebook page or email the digital photo to 
Wedding Keepsake, Order an original 8x10" matted watercolor painting of bridal bouquet or bridesmaid's flowers
This is me, 18 years ago on my wedding day!

All the different sizes are equally beautiful and allows the purchaser to find the price point that best suits their budget! 

Oh, there are so many great things you can do by ordering a custom painting of your bouquet!

Wedding Keepsake, Order an original 11x14" matted watercolor painting of bridal bouquet
Five Great ideas you can do with custom bouquet painting:

1) Order an original for yourself at this listed price and have matted prints to give to your bridesmaids for only $20 each! What a beautiful bridal party favor!

2) Commission this and then have the artist create note cards to use as thank you notes!

3) Have your mother‘s wedding bouquet painted for her birthday, wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day or Christmas !


4) You can have the florist make a sample bouquet to photograph prior to the reception and the artist can make paintings for you ahead of time—print it on invitations, place holders, favors and more!

5) Buy this as a gift certificate for the bride—she’ll love it!
Wedding Keepsake, Order an original ACEO watercolor painting of bridal bouquet or bridesmaid's flowers
This spiritual bride married in traditional Hindu/Hare Krishna attire

Custom bridal bouquet paintings come in three sizes to fit all budgets:

Finally you don’t have to sacrifice your love of color when getting married. Check out all these jewel tone inspirations by etsy crafters!

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