African Art Spirits to watch over your home

African Art, Modern Abstract Contemporary Artworks
Kitchen God, 24×24″ ORIGINAL painting on gallery wrapped canvas

Using African tribal masks on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in their Oceania  Arts wing, I created these super modern and abstract canvas paintings. Each one is a spirit that has magically been conjured up with thick paint and brought to life on gallery wrapped canvas. Since each one is original and there are no prints, the spirit will be unique to your home and assigned to protect your home scaring away the evil spirits.

The Kitchen God aids your recipes in the kitchen come out even better. This is a colorful way to decorate your kitchen or adjacent family room with gorgeous earth tones with a few metallic gold touches.

african Tribal Art, modern abstract painting

Morning Spirit, 24×24″ gallery wrapped canvas


Morning Spirit will chase away any bad dreams or negative thoughts you may have had during the night. The spirit protects your family all day helping to maintain happiness in your home. The bold painting has bright teal and turquoise blue background with warm yellow ochre and touches of metallic gold.

Ancestral Spirit, 24×24″

Your ancestral spirit has been conjured up and inhabits this painting. your spirit will protect over your family from evil and harm.

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  1. Sorry! I didn't mean for my previous comment to be anonymous! Here it goes:

    So wonderful! Your art pieces are fantastic!Thank you so much for including my Dala Horse Cards!
    Tack sa mycket!


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