Direct from the studio: Modern African Art Paintings Work in Progress

For a limited time I am offering a pre-order special price on work in progress paintings! These canvases are modern abstract original interpretation of African tribal sculptures on canvas! African masks are considered amongst the finest creations in the art world and are highly sought after by art collectors. Masking ceremonies in Africa have great cultural and traditional significance. Latest developments and understanding of Aesthetic principles, religious and ceremonial values, have brought about a greater insight into the ideas and moral values that African artists express in their art.

If you haven’t followed my story, I have been turning to museums for sources of inspiration. This African series came about after one night I wandered into the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas in The Michael C. Rockefeller Wing, which is on the 1st floor of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There I was invited to sketch the collections using white drawing paper and charcoal pencils. I was also given a small drawing board, kneaded eraser and little canvas stool to work on. I was taken in by the masks, and the faces of the house posts, fertility totems and tribal masks. I made six drawings from the collection and painted them with watercolors later in my studio.From these studies, I have been creating these highly creative and original modern artworks on canvas. These abstract interpretations would look great in your house. Paintings have lots of earth tones, turquoise and spirituality.

Final painting will be posted, but oh wow, you have the opportunity to get it now! Sides will be painted black and canvas is varnished prior to shipment. Final listing will have room views and detail photos, but if you buy now you have a chance to save money on the final gallery listing price! Stay tuned on facebook to see works in progress and for finished paintings!


  • African Art, Museum Inspired Painting 24X24" Gallery Wrapped Canvas African Art, Modern Contemporary Interpretation
    Modern Interpretation of African Art for Sale


  • African Art, Museum Inspired Painting 24X24" Gallery Wrapped Canvas Special PRice for WORK in PROGRESS Modern Abstract Interpretation of African Art
    Special Pre-Order Work in Progress Price  


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