How to Decorate Your Home With Deep Teal

Deep Teal
by Miriam Schulman
Deep Teal, a strong, blue-toned green, suggests ocean depths and the color of the sky as daylight descends into darkness. A great standard when used with cedar green, its color-wheel neighbor, Deep Teal is also a unique counterpoint to Honeysuckle pink. Even though turquoise is in the same family as teal, the teal of the season is a bolder blue and green combination. 
Be Color Happy and Put Deep Teal all over your walls


Lift your spirits by putting this gorgeous color all over your walls. Why not? You couldn’t commit to anything bolder when you purchased that beige couch? ( yes, I am talking to you.)
Glidden’s Seven Lakes Suzanne Kasler recommends using Glidden’s Seven Lakes, “What makes this color happy is how saturated it is. The depth and intensity of the turquoise gives it a chic, European look. It kind of takes you to a different place.” In her designs she paints the moldings to match the walls to make the color less decorative and more architectural.


World famous interior decorator Mario Buatta says, “I’m blue, I’m blue! I’m a happy guy but I have always loved blue, in all its shapes and sizes. For libraries and dining rooms, I like this deep Mediterranean blue. I’d use it glazed and shiny, and bring in reds and greens and pinks. Every color looks fresh against blue. Put lemon yellow with it and it will look like a Matisse painting.”  
SHERWIN-WILLIAMS Gulfstream Marshall Watson is another interior decorator who is not afraid of color. “Imagine sailing around the Greek islands and looking into the deep teal-blue water. There’s a certain sexiness you feel on your skin when you’re out on a boat in the sun and the breeze, relaxed and loose. When I walk into a room painted this color, I’m completely transported. Suddenly I’m floating in the Aegean, bobbing up and down with the waves.”

Update your old furniture to look like new with coat of deep teal paint

Dunn-Edwards After the Storm

Molly Luetkemeyer has great advice for painting old furniture: “One of those inexpensive, gaudy mirrors with a lot of carving can actually become quite beautiful with paint. I like this deep, muted teal because it’s mysterious. You can’t quite figure out if it’s blue or green. Colors like this with a little gray in them take you to the next level of sophistication.” 


If you are not ready to take the plunge into the deep teal blue green waters, try using teal as an accessory. Or get a painting with bold teal tones.

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  1. @piabarile your caplet is divine. I knit too but it would take me all winter to knit that!

    @jarmfarm I would love to hear if you really followed through on rededorating! I love wiriting these posts because it is fun to fantasize!

    @jillian the combo of chocolate and teal on those pillows is so fabulous!

    @ivy glad you enjoyed the post and I like your idea of painting an accent wall.What color should I write about next> I am running out of the Pantone trends!!!!

    @ginghamgarden always loved teal too– so happy it is back in fashion

    @pristine — not sure what details you want to hear more about. let me know!!

  2. I absolutely love this color family and am about to move into an apartment with a custom-painted-for-me turquoise accent wall in the living room. Being a renter, I have never had the luxury of being able to choose a wall color!

    I chose turquoise because it is a cheerful shade of the teal family, invigorating, yet calming at the same time. There is nothing harder to define or contain than the ocean with its powerful blue-green waves and its strong and silent depths, yet this color comes the closest. It is a color I could look at forever.

    Thanks for including my hand knit deep teal sequined spiral scarf. You can see more of my hand knit and crocheted accessories at my shop:

    I so enjoy this exploration of the meanings and feelings of color. Please keep it up!


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