Heroic Africans: Legendary Leaders, Iconic Sculptures

Drawing at the Metropolitan Museum

by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Set of 4 African Paintings

This art was drawn from a special exhibition titled “Heroic Africans” which takes a look at sculptural traditions from West and Central Africa created between the twelfth and early twentieth centuries. I brought my watercolor sketch pad into the gallery on a friday night and sketched from seven different sculptures on display. The room view here shows four from that series. I also listened to the audio guide while drawing. One of the guards who noticed what I was doing came over to compliment my drawing which is always a thrill to have people appreciate my work and the artistic process.

African Woman
Oba King, African art
African King, Tribal Art

The original charcoal drawings were painted with watercolor back in my studio. The tribal wall art has a wonderful abstract quality giving it a modern sophistication. I added texture to the watercolor painting to add to the visual appeal.The dominant colors in these artworks are blue, and coffee brown but some paintings have tones of jade green and other glowing earth tones.

These abstract interpretations would look great in your house and complement your modern global home decor.

See the exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum:

exhibition through thru January 29, 2012


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