Five Tips for Baby Nursery Room Decor

Tips for Creating a Calm and Soothing Nursery for Your Newborn 

baby gift
Looking for animal art? This soft and durable throw pillow is the perfect accent for any room. Tailored with colored piping around the edges, this custom square canvas pillow adds personalized style to your home. This white sheep with baby lamb on a green landscape painting is not just for Easter. The decorative & colorful design includes a quote: You are my bestfriend.

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Lately, every week I have been sent articles from other bloggers asking me to share their articles with my readers. They benefit from having their links posted on my site ( which I guess has enough traffic to justify it?) I benefit from not having to think of fresh new content everyday.  I also try to re-illustrate the article with my own pictures– featuring art and products licensed with my art. Since I just finished creating a bunch of new adorable baby items on cafepress, I thought that this baby nursery article would be a good fit. The original blog post has over 15 ideas so you can check that out if you want.. Here are the best tips.   

baby gift
Our 100% cotton toddler tee will look great on your little ones. This white sheep painting on a pink whimsical background is not just for Easter. The decorative & colorful design includes an inspirational quote. Designed by schulmanart


  1. Color is EverythingThe color of the walls and accents in any room set the mood. If you’re shooting for a more tranquil, serene space, it’s best to choose colors that promote those feelings. Bold and energetic colors like bright orange or red may not be conducive to rest, while pale blues and greens can have the desired calming effect.
  2. Skip the Frilly Bedding – A crib that looks like a magazine layout may create a sense of pride for you, but it can be dangerous for your baby. Making sure that he gets a good night’s sleep without increasing SIDS risks is a parent’s job, so make sure your nursery planning takes American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines into consideration.
  3. Don’t Forget the Window Treatments
    baby gift
    Babies love creepin’, crawlin’ and sleepin’ in our super comfy, 100% cotton jersey knit Infant Creeper. Infant clothes shouldn’t be hard to change, so our three-snap bottom helps ease those nasty diaper changes. Great baby stuff for your special little one.

    Blackout shades can help you keep the sun out of Baby’s eyes while he naps during the day, creating a soothing space. You will want to make sure that you choose window treatments that don’t pose a strangulation risk, as babies can become entangled with cords that are within their reach.

  4. Include a Comfy, Adult-Sized ChairThe nursery may be your baby’s room, but you’ll be spending many sleepless nights there as well. A comfortable chair that accommodates a sleepy adult will be a blessing for you, boosting the overall feeling of calm in the room.
  5. Go Handmade or unique
    baby gift
    Eeewww Baby, Baby!!! It’s okay to make a mess in our easy-wash 100% cotton bib. It provides great upper body coverage to protect baby’s clothes. The sturdy closure makes this one-size bib fit newborns to 36 months.  This yellow baby chick painting on a whimsical background is not just for Easter. The decorative & colorful design includes an inspirational quote. Designed by schulmanart

    There’s nothing wrong with opting for mass-produced accessories, but artsy parents may find that they’re more satisfied with the efforts of independent artists and creators.

Baby items by SchulmanArt featured in this post:

  1. You are my Best Friend, Sheep Throw Pillow with piping
  2. Inner Artist Baby Yellow Chicks Bib
  3. Amazing You, toddler t-shirt
  4. Different is Good Blue Bunny onesie body suit

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