Six DIY Motivational Fabric Craft Projects

Fabric Craft Projects!
edited by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt, reprinted with permission from 

Motivational Art t-shirt by @schulmanArt

Handmade fabric crafts with motivational quotes have become quite popular in recent years and are easy to create on your own. You can make T-shirts with your favorite motivational quote on it if you need a constant reminder, or you can emblazon a pillow or bag with your favorite saying.  You can even create artwork for the walls and surround yourself with uplifting quotes that will give you the energy and determination to keep looking for that next big adventure.

  1. DIY: Inspirational Quote T-Shirt Stenciling is easy to do and this blogger has given you step-by-step instructions on how to cut out the letters of your quote to create your stencil.
  2. XKCD Quote Pillow You can screen print a picture with a quote or just the words onto some fabric, then cut it out and create a pillow by following the instructions in this post.  This one is quick and simple to do.
  3. Watermark Tee Tutorial by Sweet Verbana If you can write, you can create this watermark T-shirt.  Grab some Elmer’s blue gel glue and some RIT dye and you’re all set.
    Inspirational Quote Art by Schulman
  4. DIY: Quotes on Canvas This craft would be a smart way to upcycle an old painting that you picked up at a flea market or garage sale.  No need to buy a new canvas unless you want to.
  5. Cut it out!!…Canvas Tutorial This variation on creating a quote on canvas is one that you can hang on your wall.  Surround yourself with beauty and motivational phrases and you’ll find the inspiration you need.
  6. DIY Iron-On Tote Bag (With Free Printables) Have you ever wanted to create your own designs?  This project lets you be creative on the computer and print it off with special iron-on fabric using the same printer that you use for those resumes. This is an appropriate craft for a beginner.

Looking for more art instruction? 

Mixed Media Tree Art by Blenda Tyvoll- online art class starts soon!

My tree tutorial class starts in 1 month! Video lessons in mixed media, oil and watercolor that you can watch whenever you want. The detail at left is a mixed media collage by Blenda Tyvoll. This is just one of a few techniques that will be demonstrated in the online art class.

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