Matisse at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Work in Progress, by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

Matisse, Still Live with Magnolia, 1941

Matisse: In Search of True Painting presents Matisse’s painting process by showcasing artworks in pairs or trios that are part of the same work in progress. In addition there are black white large photographs that document his progress. For Matisse, the process of creation was not simply a means to an end but a dimension of his art that was as important as the finished canvas.

Matisse show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

He exhibited his painting surrounded by the black and white photographs and the museum curators in this show recreate that.

In that spirit, I decide I would film my transformation of a handbag into a hand painted bag that uses elements from Matisse’s paintings. I purposefully did not reproduce any one painting.

Want to collect this bag? It’s art you can use every day! you can find it in my etsy shop!

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 The Matisse exhibit is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art until March 17, 2013. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Thank you Miriam for including me in your Etsy treasury. I have always been fascinated with the bold beautiful colors of Matisse. I like to think of my clothing as art. I have a love of art history, fabric and sewing and with my Etsy shop I try to blend all those loves. Thanks again.


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