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edited by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt, reprinted with permission from www.nanny.net 

This simple but pink pig cookie jar is the perfect storage container for favorite snacks, dog treats, coffee – you name it! White and ceramic with a bamboo lid, this is one jar that adds an instant sweet spot to your kitchen.Pink pig art has inspirational message: Have Optimism!

You can find inspiration everywhere you go, especially in the following blogs.  These six blog posts will show you all of the other ways that you can create motivational quotes with different art or cooking projects.

  1. Sweet Serenity Stones- Yes, Another Edible Rock Project! Learn how to make edible rocks and put the inspirational sayings on them that you see in the stores.
  2. Think Stones Take either store bought rocks or ones you’ve found and use a silver paint sharpie marker to write motivational messages on the stones.  Leave them around the house so you can find motivation all around you.
  3. Motivational Art {Tutorial} Using vinyl letters, you can take a piece of wood, paint it and rub on the lettering to say whatever quote you’d like.
  4. How to Create Rope Light Word Wall Art This project is kind of like creating your own neon sign to motivate you every time you see it.
  5. Make Your Own Vinyl Stickers with Cricut Expression This is a simple project where you can cut out whatever words motivate you and apply them to your walls for inspiration.  The vinyl is completely removable.
  6. 11 Fortune Cookie Recipe and Quotes Get into the kitchen and make some fortune cookies that you know will give you just the inspiration you and your friends need to hear.

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