Gifts for Music Lovers

8 Gift Ideas by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

    1. Fingerless Gloves with Treble and Bass Clef These gloves are perfect for texting teenagers and also for musicians who may want to play their instruments even when the heat is low. Each pair is masterfully stitched by hand using soft  Fingering Weight 100% Peruvian Highland Wool You can get these through thingsthatclareknit
      Fingerless Gloves with Musical Symbols
      Fingerless Gloves with Musical Symbols
    2.  Cello String Bracelet.  I flipped when I discovered this clever bracelet made from cello strings. Created with real cello strings and silver wire by ChaacHandcraftsMusic Arrives beautifully packaged in a red felt bag.

      Bracelet crafted with cello string and silver wire.. perfect for a cellist!



cello earrings
Vintage style Cello Earrings
cello earrings
Earrings from Alpine Gypsy
    1.  Cello Earrings. I was lucky to discover this one of a kind cello earrings set featured left by hardboiledmegg made with vintage brass cello charms. AlpineGypsy  carries a similar handmade pair pictured on the right.


    2. Vintage Sheet Music Earrings

      Vintage Sheet Music Earrings


      Vintage Sheet Music Earrings A girl can never have too many earrings… what I love about these studs is that my daughter can wear them on gym days since they don’t dangle. This style also comes as a music pendant by SovereignSea 

Whimsical Classical Music CD
    1.  Music CD My daughter is a classical music nut– if that isn’t obvious by now– and while we were visiting Oberlin College, I picked up a copy of the Oberlin Orchestra playing The Sneetches.. I thought this would a whimsical way to enjoy some fun music.

    2. music t shirts
      music t shirts


      Musical T-shirts I had bought my daughter one of these music t shirts in the past and she loves them so much that I picked out another one of a different design. What you will love is the music t shirt is designed with real vintage music and the colorful design is all over the front of the shirt. The shirt is made with softened polyester which is comfortable and machine washable. Better yet, the shirt has a nice flattering shaped fit. {Discover your favorite shirt HERE}

      gifts for music lovers
      Decorative Boxes make great gifts for music lovers!
      Want to save on this art right now? let me email you the latest coupon
    3. Musical Decorative Boxes ( not the kind that plays music!)Every once in a while I get the craving to get really crafty. This year, I am making a whole batch of boxed decorated in music and peacock themes. I posted a few pics to instagram {you can follow me!}. Anyway– both my kids– my 16 year old daughter AND my 13 year son say they want one. I was so happy to finally come up with a design that appealed to my son that wasn’t too girly. So I will be saving a box for each of them and filling them with candy.
cat plays cello by Andrea Lauren
  1. Cat Cellist I am hoping to get  this adorable illustration I found by Andrea Lauren of the papersparrow  printed on a tshirt for yet another music tshirt I know my 16 year old would adore… just contacted the artist, so let’s see!{this was my daughter’s birthday card and both fell in love with the whimsical artwork}
What gift ideas do you have for music lovers?


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