Thanksgivingukkah for Hanukkah

A Menurkey! by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman

What has 8 candles and feathers? A menurkey!

Hanukkah comes really really early this year… I mean really early. So early, the first night is actually before Thanksgiving! This is so unusual that they say this won’t happen again for thousands of years. The Hebrew calendar is a lunar calendar with a leap month which is why the Jewish holidays always fall on different days. So I had to do my shopping early this year too. If you celebrate Hanukkah you still have time because really, you have until the last night to give presents.

turkey menorah
The curious cat sniffs out the unusual bird!

Anyway, to commemorate this once in a lifetime event, I made a “menurkey” This Hanukkah decor pictures an adorable turkey with candles in his feathers on a paper mache box. In two of the boxed, the sides are painted in holiday red, the insides are black. In a third Hanukkah box, the outsides have a yellow and blue rustic French country motif to flow with the Thanksgiving traditional colors.  A great gift for your Jewish hostess on Thanksgiving since Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year! Colorful letters on the box read: Menurkey!

thanksgiving hanukkah decorations
Fill the Hanukkah Box with chocolate and you have two gifts in one!

Fill this box with chocolate gelt and you have two gifts in one! This coincidence of Hanukkah and Thanksgiving is a once in a lifetime event and won’t happen again for thousands of years! I didn’t think my 16 year old daughter would be interested but when I mentioned I might give it to my brother or sister she said she wanted to keep it. So she will be getting either the original, or a print of this Thanksgivingukkah Design. {Want your own Turkey Menorah? Collect the art while it lasts HERE}


This box is decorated with a rustic motif to blend with Thanksgiving

I only made four of these commemorative Thanksgivingukkah boxes and one has already sold!  I will be shipping all of these via FAST priority mail shipping, a 2-3 day service. Since I am in New York, this will be two days if you are on the East Coast and 3 if on the West.


hanukkah decorations
The Thanksgiving-Hanukkah Box they will treasure forever!

Are you looking for a Turkey Menorah this Thanksgiving? Collect this one of a kind Hanukkah box as a souvenir of this amazing event {box measures 4.5×4.5″} !

Pick out your favorite Menurkey Box while they still last!

Boxes are {CLICK HERE}
Menurkey Print {CLICK HERE}
Menurkey Original Art {CLICK HERE}

In addition to giving my guests their own little menurkeys as party favors I am serving latkes with turkey, my sister in law is making challah stuffing and we are having Hanukkah cookies with chocolate pecan pie for dessert– a perfect blend of the traditions of two holidays!
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What are you doing for Thankshanukkah?

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