Inspired by a Change of Seasons

interview with Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe by SchulmanArt

fall decor
Handcrafted Fall Decor

Let’s meet Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe. The Georgia based Bloom Shoppe is home to unique, handmade creations that embrace sweet southern life. Her one-of-a-kind painted mason jars make unique, rustic gifts, centerpieces and decor. Each jar is created with care, backed by years of experience in hand-distressing for a truly vintage look. They are perfect for wedding centerpieces, baby and bridal showers, office and dorm decor, and more. Riojas grew up in small towns in Florida before moving to Georgia where she now makes her home. The change of seasons is a great inspiration for Emily, especially the colors and smells of fall.

SchulmanArt: How do you get inspired?
Emily Riojas: I’m deeply inspired by the South – interesting things people say, the food we eat, the flowers and trees that grow so beautifully. As a child, I was surrounded by dairy farms and orange groves growing up (along with days at the beach), and this love of the natural world has influenced me greatly. After college I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and now live outside the city in a small town called Sugar Hill, GA. Living a little closer to the city allows me more access to the vividness of city life, but I love that my day-to-day routine keeps me closer to the country where I can see the stars at night! I have a deep love for the beauty of the South, and am inspired every day by the good people, food, music, and nature around me.  I love traveling around this area and thinking up new themes for jars, natural soaps, sugar scrubs and other “Southern Chic” creations.  I also love researching new color palettes and I love that my Mason Jar Creations allow me the opportunity to explore different hues.

mason jar centerpiece
The Bloom Shoppe prepares many months in advance for the next wedding season, as people tend to plan far ahead for these events. Check out her just released a “Peony Pink” mason jar set that is designed for the Spring/Summer wedding season.

SchulmanArt: How do you manage to care for a two year old and run a creative business?
Emily Riojas: Most of my day consists of chasing after a two-year old daughter, Sofie. Sofie keeps me on my toes, and my husband rubs them at the end of the day. My creative time is found in the mornings, evenings and during my daughter’s nap and preschool hours. I squeeze it in as often as possible! As I’m thinking up new ideas and themes throughout my day and jot them down in my journal. Right now on my work table are several winter collections, including “Carolina Christmas” and a snowflake-inspired mason jar set.


teacher gift idea
“Candy Corn Mason Jar” design makes the perfect hostess or teacher gift for fall!

SchulmanArt:  Do you have a designated space for creating?
Emily:  Right now my “studio space” is a bit spread out. My kitchen serves as my space for creating natural soaps and scrubs, while my dining room becomes a beautiful chaos when I’m painting and distressing. Naturally I’ve taken over a bit of the garage as well, and have a desk in my office for the business aspect and paper art. I love that my creative ventures take up little spaces around my home.

Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe
Emily Riojas of the Bloom Shoppe Connect with Emily on Facebook!

SchulmanArt: Does creativity run in the family?
ER: My parents are a huge influence in me when it comes to thinking outside the box and using nature in as many ways as possible. They actually have an art business as well, Nature’s Bounty and specialize in birch bark art. They are both very creative and enjoy crafting together, which I think is really special. We like to “talk shop” about all the projects we are working on, and bounce ideas of each other.

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