Top Five Trends for vintage home decor

Incorporating Vintage Style Into Your Home

by guest blogger Tania of Little Vintage Cottage
edited by SchulmanArt


vintage home decor Shows you how to decorate with globes

Let’s ditch the old, stuffy, expensive “antiques” and talk about decorating with hip, trendy, and cool vintage items!

You very often see vintage accents in very modern and contemporary homes and it’s a great way to give a home character and interest. Vintage items can go in any setting. Collections of things are also a great way to add a pop of unique, vintage style to your home.

Here are the 5 best ways to incorporate vintage into your home right now and still look modern and trendy!

vintage home accessories
suitcases make cute
vintage home accessories!

1. Globes  
Globes are right on trend and easy to find, put just one on a bookshelf or style a whole collection together.

2. Luggage

Old suitcases are great for storing seldom used items and look great stacked! Vintage suitcases are fun, inexpensive and very easy to find.


Vintage Camera Collection by A Childlike Fascination


3. Cameras
Alone or in a group, the older the better!


vintage home decor
Vintage Decorating idea by Poetic Home



4. Fans

Vintage fans come in all sizes and colors and make a fun accent when displayed together as a collection! If the fans themselves are not very colorful or interesting, consider displaying them on a colorful shelf or table

5. Typography

Hang just one or mix and match for great wall decor! Vintage Violet Style show you how she created an interesting wall decor display with a mix of vintage and craft letter finds.
vintage decor ideas
VintageViolet Style shows you how to display a mix of craft and vintage letters


Tania is the vintage hunter/gatherer
for the etsy shop Little Vintage Cottage

Ideas in this post by Sarah of VintageViolet Style,
@PoeticHome @fleamarketinsid

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