Most Popular Pinterest Home Decor Pins in 2013

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Most Popular SchulmanArt Pinterest Pins

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms. I love organizing visual data into categories and getting inspiration. When I need an idea, inspiration or really anything I now tend to go straight to pinterest rather than google for searching on the internet. { follow me ! SchulmanArt}

So, I thought I’d share what my most popular pinterest pins were this year.

Decorating my front Porch! (73 repins)
I was inspired by a post on instagram by Better Homes and Garden, so I headed to my local farmer’s market and picked up some seasonal color for my own front porch. This pin was repinned 73 times. Of course, I never posted what this display looked later when I had stopped watering the flowers and all the vegetables rotted.


Repinned 170 times! (collect the art here)

Topping that pin ( and still getting repins) are two bedroom decorating ideas. Using my own artwork I like to search out inspiring decorating ideas and make them even better by adding art. Whenever possible I like to credit the decorator, photographer and all other known sources.

The sunny bedroom at left was found on I also pinned this without the art and with a different piece of art but the room with the purple irises got the most repins.

The most popular pin, 300 times and still growing is this eye catching red and turquoise room. The red poppy art adds just the right “center of interest” in a room that uses red as an accent color. (collect the art here)

Bedroom Decorating Idea (repinned over 300 times)


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